Myrtle Beach International Film Festival Relocates to The Market Common

Mar 10 2017

Myrtle Beach International Film Festival Relocates to The Market Common

We at The Market Common are thrilled to be the new home of the 12th Annual Myrtle Beach International Film Festival (MBIFF), April 19th – 22nd.  The MBIFF was Named “Top 25 Film Festivals to Submit to in the World” by MovieMaker Magazine, and “One of the Best Festivals in the World” by Film International.  The Festival has been held at Broadway at the Beach in previous years, and we are excited to welcome them to The Market Common this year! Soon banners will be going up in the streets and the film entries for 2017 will be announced.  While the movies will be screened at the Grand 14 Cinema, stores and restaurants in The Market Common will be involved in a myriad of festival activities ranging from parties to media events.


To whet the appetite of festival attendees, the MBIFF is offering encore screenings of the festival’s most popular films from the past dozen years in two Preview Nights.  On Monday, April 17th, My Sweet Misery will be brought back to Myrtle Beach where it was made.  Starring Anna Chlumsky, the now four-time Emmy-nominated actress for HBO’s Veep, but perhaps best known for her title role in the classic movie, My Girl, opposite Macaulay Culkin; this is the first film for Myrtle Beach native, Matthew William Jordan.  Nationally syndicated film critic, Mr. Movie, Gary Wolcott, said, “Jordan is a talented writer and director who proves that you don’t need big stars and a multi-million dollar payroll to make a great movie…More first-timers should be this good.” Wolcott summed up his 2009 review by saying that with the exception of a certain sci-fi blockbuster and a Quentin Tarantino war movie starring Brad Pitt, seeing My Sweet Misery “will likely be the most fun you’ll have in a theater all year.”


See the My Sweet Misery trailer here:

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