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Jan 21 2016

Tupelo Honey Café: Southern, Lowcountry Food

Tupelo Honey Café has superb flair of Southern, Lowcountry food

For The Surge

Setting the Table

A great addition to the Market Common of Myrtle Beach is coming on its first anniversary, and it has really settled in quite nicely, as if it has always been there. Tupelo Honey Café is a popular name in the south, so their arrival to the Grand Strand definitely caused a stir. On top of the great food this restaurant brought with them is a great Happy Hour, an entire hour longer than most other restaurants.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is always casual but with an upscale look, and it’s kept looking clean and open. The outdoor seating, including a few fire pits, is also very nice, especially with a bar situated for guests and servers to easily access.

Because the place remains so popular, especially during holidays and weekends, groups may find it easier to make reservations before going.

Down the Hatch

The food at Tupelo Honey Café remains a superb flair on Southern and Lowcountry favorites. For their delectable dishes, the company as a whole strives to use organic ingredients bought locally. This means some options can change with the season, depending on availability.

While customers are waiting, biscuits will be brought out with jam, and for some, those biscuits could be all they need. But they would be missing out on a lot of other delicious options, like the Pimento cheese, or the Charleston Chicken Sandwich.

The sandwich is a plethora of tastes all complimenting one another, like the Havarti cheese and cranberry mayonnaise that works wonders together. The fries were a hit as well, just right with the spices and crunch.

Grits of course makes the menu with two options, both not quite traditional takes on this beloved southern dish. Tupelo Shrimp and Grits, for instance, is made with goat cheese and a spicy red pepper sauce – and it is cheesy.

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