Bad Hair Day? Stylist Tony Ness Says It’s OK.

Tony Ness, senior hair stylist at Dolce Lusso Salon and Day Spa, advises us all to let our hair down during this Coronavirus pandemic, so to speak.

Letting our hair grow out and fade out, after all, is what we’ve all been naturally forced to do since quarantined at home as of mid-March.

“When clients reach out about being stressed about with everything that’s going on and wondering what they’re going to do with their hair to get it colored, the biggest thing that I want to tell them is to just wait,” says Ness. “Give your hair this time to breathe, relax, and grow out. … And gray hair is a trend right now.”

While South Carolina Governor McMaster ordered all non-essential businesses to close their doors Monday temporarily to fight the spread of the Coronavirus, which includes hair salons and spas, Dolce Lusso had closed prior to that. Ness tells women to think of this time as a self-discovery on many levels, including haircare.

“For my ladies that have short hair and my ladies that are maybe in their sixties and have a bob, this is a time to find out if you’d actually like it,” he says. “And what a better time than at home and when you’re technically really not seeing anybody, and if you’re going out, it’s OK, no one is expecting anyone to look absolutely beautiful right now. … It’s time to be a little bit more raw and I think that’s going to become more beautiful.”

Ness hopes that hair trends will reflect that, post-pandemic.  

“I think everyone’s going to take a step back from vanity, me included, and think about what is important,” he says. “I mean, yes, I think hair is, is it the greatest accessory, I really do. I think it speaks like a necklace. … But, you know, I think the trend is going to be just to like natural hair and know that they’re beautiful just the way they are.”

He also praises media options, like YouTube or Zoom, for hair style tutorials and stylist training. One hairstyling hack Ness passes along from his own know-how is to brush a shade from your eyeshadow palette onto your roots to fill them in for a day you want to pull back your hair in a pony.

Originally from outside of Hershey, Pa., Ness has been working in the hair salon industry for the last 13 years – 10 of those years have been exclusively with Aveda salons, and seven standing behind his chair at Dolce Lusso. When he’s not creating hair mastery at Dolce, Ness is cranking out runway-worthy hair styles for models at New York Fashion Week, as well as educating staff in-house at the salon and the public on segments on WFXB each month.

For updates on Dolce Lusso’s reopening, their full selection of services and to schedule an appointment, call 843-839-2655 or visit Dolce Lusso Salon and Day Spa is located at 3050 Howard Ave.

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