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810 Billiards & Bowling


At 810 Billiards & Bowling, we want to create a fun and casual atmosphere where anyone can feel welcomed and relaxed. Maybe you want to relax over a quiet game of chess and a glass of wine? Or maybe a night of billiards and cocktails is more your speed. How about a pitcher, some sliders and a few frames of 10-pin? Whatever your preference, we have you covered.

810 Billiards & BowlingRecent Reviews

Christopher Canada

3 weeks ago

This is a great place to hangout. The building is huge. There is everything you can think of; bowling, game room, bar, restaurant, even glow put-put. They also have two private bowling lanes. The menu was good. I will add that the bowling lanes are 20 inches short, so this isn't the place for league bowlers unless you're looking to practice however, it's the perfect place to hangout with friends or to bring the family.

Kristen Trevey

a week ago

My friends and I have so much fun here! The bowling areas are really nice, and high tech. We had a blast with the 3D mini golf. There's a ton more to do, and they're open late every night. It's a great place for adults to have fun, which is especially nice during the winter.

Brooke Rary Litton

2 weeks ago

Place is decorated wonderfully and the staff at the desk was amazing and super helpful. The bartender was no where to be found 90% of the time we were there so despite looking for her and putting in a notice that we needed service, no one ever showed so I was never able to put in my drink order, only was able to get the one drink my husband order as soon as we arrived despite telling her I would need to look at the menu and get right back with her. There were only about 10 people in the entire building so we expect her to be getting other things done but I would also have expected her to not be gone 30-40 minutes at a time. We played multiple games and only saw her 2 times the entire time and had to cash out the one drink we ordered with someone who had just got on shift so we could leave. 710 for sure has it together more than 810.

God follower

in the last week

To be honest, I shouldn't of even given them a 1 star but I'm kind. First if all there were about 4 lanes open and yet there was a waiting list. They werent even reserved! When we left we called them back and asked if there was any wait time, and the lady responded saying no. Are you kidding me. They need to get there stuff together.

Nicholas Bautz

2 months ago

The bowling balls, lane, and pin system fail to imitate that of a traditional bowling lane. The computer system was broke when we arrived. After the system was successfully rebooted by the management team, we were able to purchase bowling (5 minute delay, which is fine). The lanes grip the ball with more friction than traditional bowling lanes. I left a half filled beer on a table by the pool tables, which was removed without warning by our server (after the table appeared vacated for a second). When questioned about the missing beer, the server insisted that the bottle was empty. The billiards tables were quality. The staff for the most part seemed very laid back as expected on a slower Monday night. The arcade game took my money and we didn’t even bother asking for a manager. We decided we had seen enough. Sometimes you can luck out with these Myrtle Beach tourist traps, but this visit was definitely not a lucky one. Surfside bowling is a far better alternative for a fun evening with family and friends. I honestly think I would’ve spent half the money and had twice the fun. I will not be returning to 810 anytime soon. I do not endorse SS bowling, I’m just being honest here people.