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CO Sushi


We offer high-quality, fresh sushi, a small selection of Vietnamese dishes & a full array of specialty cocktails.

  • 3098 Deville Street, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
  • (843) 839-1733

CO SushiRecent Reviews

Mackenzie Estes

2 weeks ago

Went here the first time EVER the other day & was pleasantly surprised. Super cool environment. Our waitress was very friendly and helpful. Their prices are slightly up there for a college student but their happy hour is awesome. Will be coming back. Hands down my new favorite spot. Plus the fish was to die for. They must’ve just pulled it out of the ocean as we got there. Plates were also very aesthetic. Solid 10/10

emilia natal

in the last week

I came here for my birthday. Just ordered two rolls and a drink. Everything tasted fine but for the prices they charge it should’ve been amazing. I can’t even remember the food. The drink was good though. Something with bourbon and blackberries

Kathleen Storer

2 weeks ago

Great atmosphere; we sat outside on a hot day under a huge umbrella and were very comfortable. Wait staff was very knowledgeable and had good advice for what I could eat on a ketogenic diet. I had the Fiji salmon which was wonderful! My friend had the pad Thai and she said that it was amazing. Would recommend if you’re in town!

Matt Devonshire

in the last week

The only place we went on our vacation twice. The food is that good! The sushi and entreés are both excellent. Pay attention to the happy hour specials!

John Messer

2 months ago

Awkward from the get go. Greeted with "Sup".. no hello.. no how you doing.. no welcome. We ask to be seated outside and get crammed at a small table that barely fits in the spot designated for it.. we had to move the table to get in our seats and then move it back when we got in our chairs. We ask our server if we could get moved to one of the booth style and he said that we want to save those for 4 tops..which is fine if there were not already 2 tops sitting at 2 of the four booths and it was very slow. Then our server warns us that the staff in the kitchen that makes the hot food is not good and cant guarantee quality but not to worry the sushi chefs are the A team. Well I came there for noodles so we had a drink and left. By far the poorest and most awkward experience I have had.