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Nacho Hippo


The local legend says the elusive Nacho Hippo (Nachonamus Hippopotamo Maximus) can only be spotted when a true lover of World Class Nachos has given up all hope of finding any. Then and only then, the Hippo may magically appear on a clear moonlit night – trudging through the dunes, ready to help and guide a kindred spirit. If you are one of the lucky ones who sees the Hippo, follow her. She will lead you to Nacho Hippo Cantina Maximo.

Nacho HippoRecent Reviews

Michal DeAngelo

4 weeks ago

The greatest food I've have in some time. Great freshness, flavor, employees, & atmosphere. I just had to give this fine place a great review. And shout out to our server Austin!

Barney Packard

a month ago

Had a short trip to Myrtle Beach, my host suggested Nacho Hippo and I'm grateful. I tried the cheese corn on the cob, very good. I found many temptations on the menu but settled on chimichangas. They provide chips and salsa and if I make it back to SC will try build your own nachos. It's been 5 weeks and I still think of that unusual sweet corn and the fun atmosphere of Nacho Hippo. Go for it!

Olivia Thompson

a month ago

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary in Myrtle Beach. We tried several restaurants and this was our favorite. We even went back for a second time. The price is great for the amount of food you get. I have a severe gluten allergy and were extremely helpful - they have a separate menu.

Morgen Cvetko

a month ago

This place is amazing. As the pickiest cheese dip water in the world, I can testify that their cheese dip is worth the order! My boyfriend and I got nachos, one chicken and one pork, they were some of the best nachos I've ever had. Unfortunately, we did not have a good time with or server and almost left due to him. We waited for 10 minutes before we got our drinks and our food came out before our drinks and we still had to pay for them :/ Won't be back to this spot but we still love the one in Myrtle beach 💕💕

Michael Taylor

a month ago

Service was good and the food came out fast and hot. The shareable portion on the nachos is more than enough for two people. We didnt even finish ours. The food is seasoned well and is tasty. Great spot for a quick lunch.