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Nacho Hippo


The local legend says the elusive Nacho Hippo (Nachonamus Hippopotamo Maximus) can only be spotted when a true lover of World Class Nachos has given up all hope of finding any. Then and only then, the Hippo may magically appear on a clear moonlit night – trudging through the dunes, ready to help and guide a kindred spirit. If you are one of the lucky ones who sees the Hippo, follow her. She will lead you to Nacho Hippo Cantina Maximo.

Nacho HippoRecent Reviews

Chris Cate

a week ago

Second time eating at a Nacho Hippo. The first time was two years ago at the one with open outside seating. We were impressed. Because of our experience, we wanted to try this location. Much different and much slower. We arrived at 8 to eat on Sunday night and left around 9:50. Food was slow coming out, and then a comment was made, "tasted almost like taco bell." Sadly it was not what we expected or experienced from our first visit. Maybe the team can fix recipes and wait time. Best of luck, don't know if we will be back or not.

Wallace Wang

in the last week

Can’t say enough good things about Nacho Hippo. We had the fish tacos and love you long time tacos— spot on and just delicious. The tacos were just really really good. The nachos were not overdone and gawdy. Just the right amount of cheese. Plus they have these bucket margarita drinks— just so much fun. Plus you get to keep the buckets to bring home as souvenir. It has myrtle beach written on it too. Wish they had these in NY!

Amanda Moore

in the last week

We come to Myrtle Beach every year. This is our first year at nacho hippo. We've come here two times already! We are from Dallas Texas, the home of Mexican food, and we love it here. Best Mexican restaurant with a twist. Nachos and tacos here are THE BOMB!

Melvin Cox

2 weeks ago

Not really Mexican food. They have a unique take on it and incorporate many different world flavors. Korean beef and kimchee tacos for instance. If you like different than normal flavors you will like their offerings.

Sam Hagler

a month ago

Excellent tacos amd more. Highly recommend the "Love You Long Time" tacos. Very spicy but very tasty. Enjoy buckets of adult beverages; and, when I say bucket, it's a real beach bucket with a scoop. Take home cups are a plus!