The Market Common

Nacho Hippo


The local legend says the elusive Nacho Hippo (Nachonamus Hippopotamo Maximus) can only be spotted when a true lover of World Class Nachos has given up all hope of finding any. Then and only then, the Hippo may magically appear on a clear moonlit night – trudging through the dunes, ready to help and guide a kindred spirit. If you are one of the lucky ones who sees the Hippo, follow her. She will lead you to Nacho Hippo Cantina Maximo.

Nacho HippoRecent Reviews

Barbara Burd

a month ago

One of my favorite places to grab a meal. Servers are friendly, food is good, and their margaritas start at $3. I really like their tacos and you can upgrade to a platter for a few dollars extra. There are usually coupons in the Attractions book for buy one, get one free taco so it’s a special bonus. A great fun place to eat!

Amanda Campbell

a week ago

So good! We were seated fast. The nachos were excellent. Everyone seemed to like the build your own option. Fish taco was pretty good. I wish their slaw that came on the tacos was dressed in some way, and not just shredded bagged cabbage thrown on it.

emilia natal

in the last week

I came To have a drink and appetizer. The staff would not say a word to me for over 5 minutes as I sat at the bar. The bar barely had anyone there. They I.d. me and get me a drink but it takes forever. Then it took twice as long to cash out. I literally had ONE DRINK.

Tony Maloney

a month ago

Nacho Hippo in Market Common is the birthday boys pick to celebrate his 23 birthday. Been here once before, another grandsons ( legal to drink day,) just wonderful....Good food and varied. very nice outside dineing area. A place to take your special person at night, sip some vino, watch the small fireside. it's delicious. sorry carried aw.... Menu has something for your varied tastes. Service is good. $$ is a little high for me, always is, wife quipped. Try the Nacho Hippos. Market Common.USA🇺🇸

Jennifer H

a week ago

Food is pretty good here. What lacks the times I have gone is service. It's not terrible but definitely could be improved on. The chimichanga and tacos are excellent.