The Market Common

Peace, Love and Little Donuts


Feed your inner hippie at this 70’s inspired donut shop. Their tasty donuts come in three styles: Groovy, Far Out, and Funkadelic. The “Groovy” and “Far Out” donuts come with a single topping or frosting such as Cinnamon, Glazed, Chocolate, and Vanilla. The “Funkadelic” donuts include a variety of frostings and toppings such as Raspberry Lemonade, Fruity Pebbles, and the most popular Maple Bacon. There are over 50 toppings to choose from and each creation begins with a plain cake donut that is made with pride throughout the day right in front of the customers.

Peace, Love and Little DonutsRecent Reviews

Heather Cook

a month ago

Neat little donut shop gave us a great afternoon snack! There’s a lot of choices which is kinda hard to choose just a few but boy the ones we tried really We’re delicious. A few I remember named peanut nutter and the cinnamon roll....yum!

Martan Agnew

4 months ago

This was a nice donut shop. The ladies found it to be very cute. They take little mini donuts and dip them in icings and toppings to make their creations. Word to the wise, either eat them right away or put them in the refrigerator for the next day. The icings melt and some of the toppings get soggy. Everyone enjoyed the donuts that we got. I really like the Raspberry Lemonade and my wife enjoyed her Key Lime. The Maple Bacon was also tasty. The donuts are a bit expensive for the size that you get. You really shouldn't be paying more than $10 for a dozen mini donuts. The people working there were very friendly and and the taste was good so I can't complain too much.

Michelle Willett

in the last week

Adorable shop at Market Commons .. loved how they custom make them as you order. Little pieces of bite sized love !!

carrie pase

3 months ago

This afternoon while visiting this store I witnessed the most kind and patient young lady waiting on several families making all of their donuts with the most lovely smile on her face, her name was London. Most young people would not have been quite so patient with all of the questions and mind changing! I visit Myrtle Beach a few times a year and I will definitely be back for donuts!

Myrtle Beach Reviewer

a month ago

PRICEY!! for tiny donuts. Not full size and more expensive. Good for very once in while treat. Creations are good. Very sweet!