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Ultimate California Pizza


Today’s visitors come for a chance to relax and create memories with family and friends – memories of long walks on the beach, endless days on the fairway, and unforgettable meals with friends and family.

When quality food and dedicated service are combined in a creative and relaxed atmosphere, the result is a magical experience that will last a lifetime.

Ultimate California PizzaRecent Reviews

Nicolette Cromer

3 months ago

My salad was amazing! Their food is always delicious. But since I was alone, they suggested I sit at the bar. That's cool. But don't ignore me for 10min. Literally no one said a word to me.... Not cool!

Mark Janack

2 weeks ago

California Pizza is one of our favorites here in Market Common. Love the pizza and garlic bread. Located close to Movie theatre and Barnes & Noble

Corina Mayo

a year ago

Visited this restaurant on 2 different occasions and both experiences were great. The pizza's are really good and I know because I am not a big fan of pizza. The decor is nice and the servers are always pleasant. Whenever I return to Myrtle Beach I will definitely stop by for a meal.

Donnie Brown

a year ago

Late dinner and it was an awesome experience. Even with doing takeout the employees were very nice. Our order taker was very knowledgeable about the menu and the food turn out to be delicious.


6 months ago

We ordered a medium Kahuna pizza. Pizza was pretty good however I don't believe they baked it exactly according to the recipe because the bottom of the pizza was a little too oily and soggy. Our waiter was easy going and attentive so we gave a generous tip and the atmosphere of the restuarant was calm & inviting. Costs of the pizza was pretty high for what you get - $23 for a medium pizza for two is a bit overpriced considering competition from the more well known franchises like Papa Johns. Nevertheless, I would visit again to try their wings and a different pizza.