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IS NOW OPEN! The Market Common’s first ever escape room experience. Whether you’re looking for an indoor activity that will be fun for the whole family, a corporate team-building experience, birthday parties, a friendly competition among friends or a unique date night–Escape Vault is a great option. Kids of all ages will enjoy our family-friendly Jumanji Jungle room. Our super scary Hannibal (the serial killer) room is an amazing thrill for those not faint of heart! Escape Vault’s themed rooms are filled with riddles, clues, codes and so many puzzles, your head will spin. Can you and your family, friends or colleagues solve these brain teasers within 60 minutes to escape?

Escape VaultRecent Reviews

Thomas Goss

a month ago

I went to Escape Vault with my Wife. We were just walking by to get Ice Cream when we decided to stop inside. Tony was friendly and down to earth from the start. We decided to make a reservation and have some fun. This was our first time at an escape room, and Tony took his time to explain everything.. Tony and his staff rocks!!! We will definitely be back again!!


in the last week

i went with my boyfriend (who had done escape rooms before whereas i have not) and this was one of the best experiences ever. we not only had to work together but we had to think outside the box… literally. Tony was awesome and very friendly. i would definitely recommend as something fun to do or if you’re looking for a bonding experience this is it!

Finnegan Dougherty

2 months ago

So much fun! We had a really early reservation time like 30 minutes after the store opened so we got there and it wasn’t open yet. The guy at the store when it opened was super nice. He explained the goals and the escape room very well. He gave use just the right amount of hints to lead us in the right direction without giving it away. We got out with 7 minutes left. The room was super detailed and looked super neat. We did the murder room and they did a great job of keeping you on edge and a little bit scared at all times. Me and my friends had so much fun. And I’ll definitely be coming back when new rooms open up!

Robert Sargent

a month ago

This was one of, If not THE best experience I’ve had in a very long time. Our commander Sam was the best! He had a great personal touch and really made us feel safe - But also scared (in a good way) 10/10 recommended. Although do not underestimate the difficulty.

Alexis Marie

in the last week

This place was AMAZING! McKenna was SUPER HELPFUL and friendly! I swear it was awesome! I have done 6 or 7 escape rooms. This was my FIRST TIME escaping a HOUSE! We had 7 min to spare and got our lock on the wall! Make sure you hit the tip jar on the way out! They deserve it! There is just enough surprises that give you a heart attack! Take your time! I loved it! WE WILL BE BACK! It was just my daughter and I. WE KILLED IT!

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