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An electric bike is just like a regular bicycle – only better!

You can pedal normally (or not), and get assistance up to 20 MPH. It gives you the freedom to go farther and faster, without getting too sweaty. You’re empowered to conquer hills and headwinds with ease.

It feels like being a kid again!!!

PedegoRecent Reviews

Aaron Brock

3 months ago

Aaron the owner is a great guy. Super knowledgeable and an expert with electric bikes. If you go electric, go Pedego

Mike Schroll

3 years ago

I've rented from Pedego a number of times -- Always a great time: Market Common is a joy to explore; and it's a fun activity to do with friends. Aaron is super helpful. I'm also now considering supplementing our one-car household with a Pedego Stretch, and Aaron has been super helpful walking me through the offerings, both within Pedego's lines and alternatives in the market, to figure out which will work best for me, and my height and weight and use-case.

BARRON TileStone

a year ago

Loved the options and the style on their super cool electric bikes.

Cathy Burroughs

3 years ago

Total blast. Great guide. Reasonable and so much fun!! Gorgeous colorful bikes and excellent training and prep. Beware: it's easy to fall in love with them! Great view of Myrtle. Highly highly recommend!!!

Tylar Miller

2 years ago

Always good to see Aaron at his shop. I've ridden a few of the bikes and it's a blast! $20 for an hour... WELL worth it!