Handbags for the Holidays

It’s just a few days left until the holidays, so here’s a few handbags you’ll want to get your hands on at The Market Common for those last-minute fashionistas on your shopping list.

Handbags at Bijuju

With the variety of shades available in the color palette of these leather handbags, you could wear a different one on your arm every day of the week! From rusts to reds to earthy browns, tans, black and white. The only thing lovelier than that is the price: only $20!

Find them at: Bijuju, 3092 Howard Ave., Myrtle Beach.

Buffalo plaid handbag at Handpicked

The Buffalo plaid pattern is all the rage in fashion and accessories nowadays, which is why you’ll want to pick up this combo buffalo plaid/houndstooth foldover bag at Handpicked. The  soft fabric clutch, perfect for holiday parties, can also be worn as a crossbody bag with the strap. For more info on the bag, visit: https://behandpicked.com/buffalo-plaid-houndstooth-foldover-bag/. Find them at: Handpicked, 3324 Reed St., Myrtle Beach.

Bogg Bags available at The Southern Living Store

The Bogg Bag is the perfect trifecta of size big enough to pack all of your supplies for the beach or pool, durability and sturdiness, so it doesn’t tip over, and easily cleanable with a quick rinse. These fun, festive totes come in a rainbow of colors and also serve as the perfect companion year-round to parties and picnics. Large Red Bogg Bag, $69.95; Small Green Bogg Bag, $49.95. Find them at: The Southern Living Store, 3064 Howard Ave. www.southernlivingstore.com.

For a complete directory of boutiques at The Market Common, visit https://www.marketcommonmb.com/shopping/.

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