Little Donuts, Big Flavors

Good things come in small packages, and nothing could prove to make that any truer than the small, master pieces of dough dropped and topped at Peace, Love, and Little Donuts (PLLD) here in The Market Common on the corner of Farrow Parkway and Nevers Street.

Forget the doughnut basics like glazed and sprinkles, at PLLD, the cake doughnut selection is on another level. Although they do carry the glazed, powdered, and sugar fundamentals, for those who fear the Funkadelic and Far Out collections, which include the Samoa (think the Girl Scout variety, but better), the Strawberry French Toast, Elvis, Snick Jagger, Buttafinga and many more – 60 in all.

The mini-doughnut concept of the PLLD franchise actually began by accident in Pittsburgh, Pa. Owner Ron Razete inherited a doughnut machine from a friend who was cleaning out a relative’s garage. Not even sure if the machine worked, Ron tried to make a regular-sized cake doughnut, with a handful of machine tweaks and batter adjustments, but kept getting a tennis ball-sized doughnut. Six months later, he realized he’d put the machine together wrong, but the rest is history!

The first PLLD opened in 2009 in Pittsburgh’s Strip District; today there are dozens across the country, including the one here in The Market Common (which is the one and only in South Carolina), opened by Clayton Matthews in September 2017.

“I was introduced to the franchise by friends in Huntington, West Virginia,” he says. Clayton originally migrated to the area for a coaching job with the Coastal Carolina University football program, but now uses his business and graphic design degrees from James Madison University as a PLLD owner and as a designer of some of the company’s printed marketing materials.

Here in his Myrtle Beach location, Clayton’s happy to help locals and visitors “Feed Their Inner Hippie” in the shop’s happy surrounds,  and his customers from all over the area embrace it. “I’ve already had someone come in and say, ‘I’ll take one of everything!,’” he says.

Popular orders include the Key Lime Pie donut – exclusive to this Southern location – the Samoa and the Salted Caramel Machiatto. No matter the flavor, however, each warm, fresh PLLD donut is built to melt and mingle with the cake, frostings and toppings together as one cohesive treat, bite after bite.

What You May Not Know About PLLD

-PLLD also brews a full menu of coffee, served in all of your favorite preparations.

-PLLD offers a fun back room, equipped with a flat screen, tables and lounge chairs, to host meetings and birthday parties, which they’re kept busy with on Saturdays.

-PLLD caters weddings! The cake doughnut wedding cake is a popular trend for brides – ask Clayton to show you photos from a recent seven-tier cake they beautifully crafted for a local couple.

-PLLD features gluten-friendly donuts on Tuesdays!

Upcoming February specials include:

  • Tie-Dye Tuesdays – Wear tie-dye and receive a discount on a doughnut purchase.
  • $1 Donut Thursdays
  • “Donuts with Dad” on Saturdays – PLLD will supply the cartoons on the TV and free coffee for Dad.
  • Red velvet cake mix for donuts on Valentine’s Day!

Hungry for more? Visit for more info or to order online. PLLD is located at 3020 Nevers St.

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