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Come and enjoy a uniquely fresh experience. The Gordon Biersch heritage of superior quality harkens back nearly 500 years to the introduction of Reinheitsgebot, otherwise known as the “German Purity Law.”

Although originally intended to maintain quality brewing practices, this tradition of using only the freshest, purest ingredients, governs every aspect of the Gordon Biersch experience.

Gordon BierschRecent Reviews

Nico Kinner

in the last week

Jeez! This place is awesome! Awesome service, awesome space, just everything felt great. The reviews made us go there when much was closed at the time we were hungry and we are glad. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable and took more time with us than needed. The food was beyond great. I was full and had to keep eating. Awesome place for singles, couples, family, whatever. Go to this place.

Keepin’ It Real

in the last week

Went here on a whim and glad we did. Clean and cool inside and out. Wish I could remember what everyone had, but I can’t, I know they all said it was good. I had the Reuben special and was delicious. Our server was beyond excellent, when back in Myrtle, I would definitely return here.

taylor migliore

a month ago

Service was decent and he was friendly. Meat lovers pizza was good as well. Both other guests did not enjoy their Cajun pasta and jambalaya. Overall decent experience but food could be better.

Chris Pakos

5 months ago

Had an awesome lunch there today. Had the Meat Lovers pizza. My wife had a grilled che ken salad and my son had fish and chips. All 3 of us were impressed. My wife and I could have split the pizza. It was huge. Staff was excellent. Also highly recommend the Mango Tea. Thanks again.

Jerry Schenkel

2 months ago

Update: Recent photo of outdoor seating area. Better choice is Tidal Creek Brewery 1 block away. GB has lost their appeal. Recently purchased by Logan Steakhouse. Menu has changed, rewards have changed and happy hour men has changed. All the changes are mainly to cut costs and lessen the customer experience. Have been a loyal customer for 10 years but will not be returning. Their "cheapness" is overflowing along with their greasy steakhouse food. Dummy me, went back for another visit three months later. Ordered nachos, they were made with wontons..I guess we have left Mexican and gone oriental. Added chicken for an extra $2. Maybe three pieces of chicken added. The entire staff is new. This speaks volumes about the new company. Beer still good. They will continue to be successful just by the sheer number of new residents in Market Common. However our 10 years of loyalty has come to an end. Only go there in the summer to have a beer on the outdoor seating.

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