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Come and enjoy a uniquely fresh experience. The Gordon Biersch heritage of superior quality harkens back nearly 500 years to the introduction of Reinheitsgebot, otherwise known as the “German Purity Law.”

Although originally intended to maintain quality brewing practices, this tradition of using only the freshest, purest ingredients, governs every aspect of the Gordon Biersch experience.

Gordon BierschRecent Reviews

Amanda Dietrich

2 weeks ago

Good food, mediocre service. They have a good menu selection, and everyone was happy with the food. The food and atmosphere I would give 5 stars. The downfall and reason we don’t plan to return, nor would recommend it to friends was actually the service. Our server was incredibly rude about everything. I hope to think she was just trying to “be real” with us but we asked for recommendations and she continued to make us feel stupid for comparing two foods. We wanted one thing and she immediately advised against it and told us we needed to ask for extra stuff in order for it to taste good. We ordered it anyway and it was delicious, but she returned and almost gloated saying “it needed the extras, right” and appeared annoyed when I said I liked it without. I wish I could remember her name because if you avoided her section, you would likely have a much more pleasant experience. But honestly, there are so many more restaurants in the area with consistently better service that it’s not worth the risk.

Gregg Lantz

3 weeks ago

Stopped in to the brewery restaurant on a lazy holiday afternoon. The outside seating was full but there didn't seem to be too many people eating indoors. There were only two of us so we were able to get a seat pretty quickly. We both ended up ordering the CBLT sandwich. The piece of chicken on this sandwich was more than generous. The lettuce and tomatoes were fresh and the bacon was crunchy, just the way I like it. The bacon had a pepper crust on it that seemed extra crunchy. This sandwich is delicious. When you walk in, the hosts area is to your right. They'll ask you about your seating Preferences and take you to your table. Our waitress was only a few minutes behind the hostess, and she quickly served our drink preferences. Our sandwiches arrived about 7-10 minutes after we placed our order. They were very quick. The chicken was cooked perfectly and service was great. The Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant is a great place to eat.

Garry Santmyer

a month ago

A very good place for happy hour. The food is good and the beer selection is also good. The staff is very friendly and good @ what they do. The entree menu is also pretty good. TRY IT !

Maria Post

a month ago

Chuck was the Bartender on duty.. We had such a great time and good laughs I brought my client in to show her around the MC.. Our food was at.. had the Caprese Pizza it was extremely delicious.. My client truly enjoyed her salad.. The cocktails n beer were smooth and right on the money! Thanks Chuck and bravo to the chef today???

Edy D

a month ago

Recently moved to this area and wanted to take family out during their stay for a nice lunch. They had very few beers to offer even though the name “brewery” is in their title. Their own beer was even out so my son in-law settled with a Stella. They were out of several food items only the waitress didn’t announce this from the start instead, we kept trying to order new items and were told “we’re also out of that.” I placed my order after inquiring about this particular dish and was told several minutes later that that was “also out.” No big deal however, it would have been nice if the waitress had that knowledge to share from the start. The food came and I bit into something sharp that thankfully didn’t cut me- it looked like a piece of broken ceramic. My daughter’s food had some lobster shells in it as well so at this point we were both turned off. My brother asked for his taco sauce on the side and instead it was poured all over the top. We spoke to the waitress about this unidentified object in my food and our experience this far. She took it to the kitchen and never returned. The manager came out some time later and apologized but meanwhile, no one thought to grab my dish to investigate further. We nicely gave the manager some constructive feedback as several of my family members work in food service. She left and we continued to wait for someone to come back. The manager did deduct both meals and offered dessert but at this point, we had been there over 1 1/2 hrs waiting and didn’t really have the appetite to try any more food from this place so we left. Maybe it was a bad day but I would proceed with caution and ask questions before you order. The first red flag should have been a brewery without the brew…

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