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Come and enjoy a uniquely fresh experience. The Gordon Biersch heritage of superior quality harkens back nearly 500 years to the introduction of Reinheitsgebot, otherwise known as the “German Purity Law.”

Although originally intended to maintain quality brewing practices, this tradition of using only the freshest, purest ingredients, governs every aspect of the Gordon Biersch experience.

Gordon BierschRecent Reviews

Chris Pakos

in the last week

Had an awesome lunch there today. Had the Meat Lovers pizza. My wife had a grilled che ken salad and my son had fish and chips. All 3 of us were impressed. My wife and I could have split the pizza. It was huge. Staff was excellent. Also highly recommend the Mango Tea. Thanks again.

Isaac “Ibby” Fulmore

a month ago

I went with my fiancé. I had the sausage player with was absolutely amazing. We had wings as an appetizer and they too, with the sauce, were spectacular. As for my girls dish she got the jambalaya which was supposed to come with pasta and rice, as stated on the menu, only came with rice and was overwhelmed with tomato and not a great ratio of meat. Except for her dish the food was good but the restaurant was also completely packed which made us a bit uneasy.

Michelle Granger

4 months ago

After the hostess took our phone order and allowed us to order an item no longer on the menu, the restaurant called us back twice to clarify our pickup order. Upon returning home, we found that our order was incorrectly filled. We called the restaurant and asked to speak to the manager when we returned. The hostess and host answering the phones were not helpful. The manager NEVER acknowledged the restaurant's error and allowed his host to verbally assault the customer. When the customer responded to the host with "that's what's wrong with your restaurant", "an unmarked cop" asked the customer to leave escorting him with hand on shoulder out the front door. He did not produce a badge and the manager watched it all - never to intervene on the customer's behalf. As locals, we will not be returning.


a month ago

The food was delicious and tasty. The to go order was ordered at the bar. It did go take long for pickup. You should definitely this place a try if you are in the area. You will be glad you did.

Madison Erickson

8 months ago

The food quality is excellent and the beers are great too. Some of our favorite menu items are the potstickers, crispy brussel sprouts, and Gorgonzola ribeye (mouth watering). As for beer, even though I usually lean towards IPAs, their Hefeweizen and stout are so delicious I usually end up wanting to try them as well. It’s always a pleasure dining there, especially when Zach is our server. He goes above and beyond and is half the reason I wanted to give a five star review. We would ask for him every time if we could. Thanks for the good brews and eats!

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