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Ultimate California Pizza


Today’s visitors come for a chance to relax and create memories with family and friends – memories of long walks on the beach, endless days on the fairway, and unforgettable meals with friends and family.

When quality food and dedicated service are combined in a creative and relaxed atmosphere, the result is a magical experience that will last a lifetime.

Ultimate California PizzaRecent Reviews

Heather Hadden

3 weeks ago

We’ve passed this restaurant at Market Common numerous times and didn’t have dinner plans, so we decided to give it a try. Good customer service and the restaurant was very clean and organized, but the food just wasn’t really our taste. We didn’t care for the sauce. The pesto chicken sandwich was very cold, which was just not what I had expected. Maybe it was supposed to be like that? But cold chicken... with melted cheese...? It was very odd. The chicken wasn’t cold like it had been sitting after being made, but cold cold like it came right out of the refrigerator. The cheese had evidently been melted, but was cold as if it had been sitting. Overall the waitress was kind and perhaps if you like the sauce, this could be a great place for you! Just not for us.

Daphene Lewallen

3 weeks ago

Had a long day and didn't want to go back out, so we ordered in. Never had your pizza before so we were a little hesitant. We ordered the big kahuna. The pizza arrived hot and relatively quick. I was expecting a hut, papa or caesar type pizza. Not so! I do believe this was one of the BEST pizzas I've ever had! Will definitely order again next time we come to Myrtle Beach. BTW, Can you franchise a store in Gastonia, NC? We desperately need a good pizza house! Thanks for a delicious supper! Daphene

Michael Blount

3 weeks ago

Heard a lot about this place. After the pizza being just ok and the service being more like hey let's serve the customer some food and then we can stair at them from behind the register or just forget about them....I'd say if it's convenient go for it otherwise I say spend your hard earned loot somewhere else

Mark Janack

5 months ago

California Pizza is one of our favorites here in Market Common. Love the pizza and garlic bread. Located close to Movie theatre and Barnes & Noble

Lola G.

4 months ago

Amanda W. rocked!!! Very friendly food was great! Thank you. Visiting from NC... will definitely dine again!!! :)