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Today’s visitors come for a chance to relax and create memories with family and friends – memories of long walks on the beach, endless days on the fairway, and unforgettable meals with friends and family.

When quality food and dedicated service are combined in a creative and relaxed atmosphere, the result is a magical experience that will last a lifetime.

Ultimate California PizzaRecent Reviews

Donald Hogan

in the last week

Pizza was awesome! Nice enclosed dining area. Unfortunately if you're picking up, there's only one spot in front (blocking the road) to park and run inside. Staff seemed very nice for my short visit. Gluten-free pizza was available!!

Troy Jones

2 months ago

This is my wife's favorite gluten free pizza restaurant at the beach. It isn't New York Pizza, so if you're looking for NY style try elsewhere. It's good, the toppings are fresh, and the "large wings" appetizer looks like chicken legs. The staff is friendly and the food is good, and there's ice cream walking distance away. If you need gluten free this is your spot.

Name Here

8 months ago

They have a lot of great “craft” pizzas here. They aren't traditional pies by any means, but they're fun. Try the Golden, as it is fantastic tasting and perfect beach food.

Carla Censullo

2 months ago

We ordered a large mushroom pizza and spinach salad to go. We asked for a crust on the pizza. When we got home, there were no mushrooms and no crust on the pizza. It was a doughy flat pizza 😵‍💫 The spinach salad was really good with ranch dressing. When you order something and pay for something you should get it. Probably will not be a repeat customer!

Shantonia Bullard

4 weeks ago

Can we say delicious? The Buffalo chicken dip was delicious so was the spinach. Our pizza was amazing I was pleased!!!

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