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Peace, Love and Little Donuts


Feed your inner hippie at this 70’s inspired donut shop. Their tasty donuts come in three styles: Groovy, Far Out, and Funkadelic. The “Groovy” and “Far Out” donuts come with a single topping or frosting such as Cinnamon, Glazed, Chocolate, and Vanilla. The “Funkadelic” donuts include a variety of frostings and toppings such as Raspberry Lemonade, Fruity Pebbles, and the most popular Maple Bacon. There are over 50 toppings to choose from and each creation begins with a plain cake donut that is made with pride throughout the day right in front of the customers.

Peace, Love and Little DonutsRecent Reviews

Tavi The Cheshire

a week ago

I liked how they decorate the donuts in front of you. They also had a large variety to choose from. When it came down to it though, these donuts were very heavy inside and seemed more like a cake. Delicious but still not quite right to be donuts.

David Sewell

a month ago

This is our 2nd trip to Myrtle Beach and 3rd time visiting PLLD. Love this place and all the donut varieties. Will definitely be stopping by again for a dozen for the road. Oh! And they they have Doggy Donuts for the Pups too!

Kevin Allen

2 months ago

Cute and tasty, but a little overly sweet. The very friendly staff makes the donuts to order by putting the toppings on right in front of you. We enjoyed the fruit toppings the best because the tartness offset the sweetness nicely. Apple pie and lemon blueberry were our favorites.

Quanita Rice

a month ago

Okay donuts with a variety of toppings. They prepare your choices on the spot so they're fresh. A little pricey but delicious.

Jessica Goodwin

3 months ago

From a self-proclaimed donut conessoir, this place is so unique! The base donuts were so light and fluffy, not at all greasy or heavy. We had the maple bacon, strawberry shortcake, and apple pie. Left no crumbs!