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Ultimate California Pizza


Today’s visitors come for a chance to relax and create memories with family and friends – memories of long walks on the beach, endless days on the fairway, and unforgettable meals with friends and family.

When quality food and dedicated service are combined in a creative and relaxed atmosphere, the result is a magical experience that will last a lifetime.

Ultimate California PizzaRecent Reviews


2 months ago

We had the Vegan Cheese Pizza with Mushrooms, Onion and Spinach. It was so good!! So nice to have Vegan options.

Mark Janack

4 months ago

California Pizza is one of our favorites here in Market Common. Love the pizza and garlic bread. Located close to Movie theatre and Barnes & Noble

Lola G.

3 months ago

Amanda W. rocked!!! Very friendly food was great! Thank you. Visiting from NC... will definitely dine again!!! :)

Cora Martin

2 months ago

I know is a pizza place but we go there for their salads. Always yummy!

Nicolette Cromer

7 months ago

My salad was amazing! Their food is always delicious. But since I was alone, they suggested I sit at the bar. That's cool. But don't ignore me for 10min. Literally no one said a word to me.... Not cool!