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Coastal Dance Centre


Studying at Coastal Dance Centre is more than just an activity. Regardless of where you are in your training, we will take you to new levels of excellence.

A Classical Ballet Training School affiliated with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) of London Dance Program includes the Pre-Professional Track as well as Recreational Classes for all Ages.

Coastal Dance CentreRecent Reviews

Christina Marie

2 weeks ago

I think this is a good program for kids, I'm just in shock that they can keep these kids for as long as they do. Not only do these kids go to school all week but then they spend their whole weekend here at dance and they can't even let them out on time like the parents don't have plans and here we are 6:15 and we are still waiting. Not to mention the times where they got out at 9 it would be 9:20 before they actually got out we didn't get home till 10 just so the kids can go to bed and get right back up early in the morning to spend all day there! I would and I'm sure other parents would to appreciate if they got out on time! Thank you!

Elizabeth Orser

4 months ago

We love Coastal Dance Centre! My daughter has been attending for 3 years. She loves dance and has gained so much confidence from attending classes and participating in the Spring Recital.

Isabella Bernacchi

a month ago

The teachers are amazing and they care so much about the dancers and help us succeed.

Ashley D

10 months ago

Been going here many years and they have been very good to my daughter. They really care about dancing and helping children do their very best! They take dance very serious. Thank you all for your dedication.

souraya mouhanna

10 months ago

After hearing what happened to a friend of a friends sister who came here I would give it negative stars. Reading evidence from the director. I am appalled, disgusted, and quite frankly will do anything in my power to spread the word of what a horrible “establishment” this is. To give up and more or less push for an autistic child to be out of the class is disgusting. You guys need to be shut down, take classes on children, and have some respect. All kids are the same. All kids need the chance to grow and learn. That should’ve been one of your goals yet your goal as the director was to give up and give attitude and disrespect like I’ve never seen before. Shame on you Liza and shame on your whole “dance school”. Don’t go here! If you are a parent which I am and have any sort of heart do not go here!! Sometimes I don’t know how people are blessed to work with kids yet treat them differently. I’m a educator and the word “disruptive” would never come out of my mouth to use for a child with special needs. DISGUSTING!