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Studying at Coastal Dance Centre is more than just an activity. Regardless of where you are in your training, we will take you to new levels of excellence.

A Classical Ballet Training School affiliated with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) of London Dance Program includes the Pre-Professional Track as well as Recreational Classes for all Ages.

Coastal Dance CentreRecent Reviews


a year ago

My girls love coming to the ballet class with instructor Miranda! The place is clean and welcoming. I am looking forward to bring my girls to future classes!

Carlee Capps

a year ago

I give this dance school a 5 star review. The teachers spend a lot of time at the studio and not with their family. They put lots of effort into all the routines and productions they put on. They are very careful and caring while also teaching the correct technique. I personally love all the teachers.

Cheryl Cooper

a year ago

Love this place

Liza P

a year ago

Great place, amazing people!

Ashley D

3 years ago

Been going here many years and they have been very good to my daughter. They really care about dancing and helping children do their very best! They take dance very serious. Thank you all for your dedication.

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