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Isaiah Diller

a month ago

Not the best location to shop at. I would try and pick another location in order to receive some friendly help. While checking out I asked to use a $10 off of 40 coupon. When checking out we were asked to grab another item in order to hit the 40$ limit. So we grabbed something that would get our total over 40. Then the cashier proceeded to tell me she couldn't use the coupon because she kept trying to tell me that it was already used when I literally brought it in from the mail. So then the cashier and the manger just told us that the coupon "worked." And she ripped it up. So we took her word for it even though we didn't see the discount being taken off. While leaving the store I was checking my receipt and noticed that the coupon really wasn't taken off. So I asked another staff member and she even told me that the coupon wasn't taken off. Meanwhile the manger is yelling in the radio talking about how I'm not looking in the right location on the receipt and that I'm completely wrong. Turns out the coupon wasn't taken off and I was overcharged on my bill. The previous cashier and manger were talking nasty to me when all I was doing was asking a question. I will not tolerate anyone talking to customers who are simply wanting to make sure they getting what they are told was happening. It is customer service that leads a company and this store did not meet those requirements. Disrespectful staff, but wonderful smells.

michael miller

a year ago

Nice location the very large range of products and plenty of staff to assist with whatever questions you may have, the location was well-lit which I think makes it easier too look at the numerous items that have small writing on thousands of bottles, my wife was able to spend more then 30 minutes shopping without the location feeling crowded despite a relatively large number of other customers

Cynthia V. Bell

3 weeks ago

I am truly disappointed that I had to make two trips to the store in one day to make my purchase, especially with me being a older person with concerns about covid-19, and living a great distance from the store. I had made a strategic plan to coordinate the visit with other necessary stops that needed to be done in the area. The store had cash register problems, and the staff didn't know how to do manual calculations and accept checks/cash. I had to call the store several times to find out if they were operating. Sad story of today's world depending upon technology, and not math. Btw, they didn't offer anything for the inconvenience.

Marjorie Noe

8 months ago

I was a little disappointed when I went in the Market Commons location in Myrtle Beach, SC today at 8:00 am est to purchase candles for the annual sale. I went in to get strawberry pound cake and Unicorn sprinkles 3 wick candles for the annual sale. I asked an employee where they were and I was told they were bought by the employees before the store opened. I wish Bath and Body Works would send enough for their employees and customers. I will not be back in this store since they obviously lack common customer courtesy.

Wequenta Moss Simmons

3 years ago

This store is in a great location and I was able to purchase fragrant sprays for 75% off.