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Steph Mantos

2 months ago

Service with a fist fight ? Both malls are way better, and way friendlier, for Bath n Body Works. At Market Commons, one woman made mistakes on the register, and then she escalated it, when I told her. The same female acted really volatile to me, on both visits there, but this time she was pregnant before Christmas. Of course, I asked the other female employee (claimed to be manager) to ring me up, but she refused, even though she was free. It was like a set up. Thought I could avoid the aggressor at Christmas, but "scary lady"came from nowhere from the backroom. When I was trying to buy ten products, and the " aggressive, pregnant woman " appeared from the back, then travelled from behind the counter to name call, and threaten to fight, well, yes, I called Police, and said " Pregnant woman wants to fight me. " And the officer showed fast. It did not make SENSE, that the manager let me call the police on my phone, and did not tell the aggressive, pregnant employee to go to the back, and for the manager to finish ringing up my order . It is funny. I was not banned, because I did nothing wrong. The officer said, You don't seem to be the names she is calling you. I told the manager to call Coastal Grand Mall, so I could buy my order there. It was so surreal. It felt like a B horror movie. Epic fail for B and B Works, and their hiring. I should have video taped it on my phone.... !! The aggressive woman was a different race than me. But, I have my alleged theories about her behavior (someone test her for alleged substances ! ). Absolutely insane for a pregnant employee to threaten a physical fight, at the register. I reported it to corporate, they apologized, but I am sure they found it hard to believe. Sure was. Hope no other customers go through that. She could be hiding in the back, ready to pounce again.


9 months ago

Bath and Body is one of my favorite places, love the candles, wallflowers, lotions and body wash. Sales people are always helpful and friendly here. You can also sample almost every fragrance in the store.

Jeff Meyers

6 months ago

Great aromas when you walk in, broad selection of candles, air fresheners and skin care products. Staff is helpful and friendly, willing to help but not pushy, they make you feel comfortable that you're getting what you need.

Jeannie Freeman

6 months ago

Bev was so bubbly and enthusiastic. It was a pleasure meeting her and she showed me new products that are wonderful.

michael miller

10 months ago

Nice location the very large range of products and plenty of staff to assist with whatever questions you may have, the location was well-lit which I think makes it easier too look at the numerous items that have small writing on thousands of bottles, my wife was able to spend more then 30 minutes shopping without the location feeling crowded despite a relatively large number of other customers