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CityMac Apple Specialist Store


CityMac carries Apple products including computers, iPhones with Verizon Service, iPads, iPods, and accessories. In addition, they offer Apple Certified classes and repair services.

CityMac Apple Specialist StoreRecent Reviews

Nicole LaBrie

3 weeks ago

Chris Ditulio the Store Manager, was very helpful. He walked me through the entire process with an abundance of patience. City Mac chose the right person to manage their local store. He is pulled in so many directions but he somehow manages to give you his full attention. I highly recommend City Mac because of Chris. Thank you for going the extra mile for me Chris!

Linda Leibert

a week ago

James Kolpin was extremely helpful. He was patient, kind, and very willing to answer a myriad of questions. His knowledge and experience were surpassed only by his cheerful attitude and unfailingly optimism. I am confident I received a great phone at a reasonable price. Thank you James for being there for me!

Stephanie Estabrook

a month ago

DO NOT BRING YOUR APPLE ANYTHING TO THIS PLACE! The manager is alright but there are two black guys who are highly aggressive and should not be working there at all! If they worked for me they'd be fired!!!! Who says to a customer that they have come out to CONFRONT a customer!?!? In my opinion this place should be CLOSED DOWN AND NOT AFFILIATED WITH APPLE AT ALL!! Who in the heck wears a beanie hat and urban coat at work anyway! Severely not professional at all! Just make the drive or send your laptop to Apple. He'll send anything to Apple!! By the way I am mixed so before anyone says anything about me being racist kill the noise! It is about professionalism and the way a company allows their employees to treat their customers!!

Christopher Walters

2 months ago

the people at CityMac are great!! David and Rakia are the tip of the spare, educating people on their products, teaching about the tech and making sure they have all the information they need before they leave! I needed hardware installed as well as software. Brandon knew exactly what needed to be done. New Hard drive, RAM and operating system moved. they finished with lightning speed!!! was literally done the day after i dropped it off!! i even had a few follow up questions the next day and they were more than happy to get me the information i needed! All in all this is a great store for any of your Apple or MAC needs! They've earned my business!!!! and i will be back when the need arrives! Thank you CityMac

Katie Belissary

a week ago

Was in CityMac today - Chris saved me!! He completely took care of my problem and went the extra step to check some other things on my phone! Great store! Thanks Chris!