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Orvis is the purveyor of the distinctive country lifestyle offering a wide assortment of men’s and women’s sportswear, fine gifts, travel accessories, dog beds and other pet items, as well as fly-fishing gear, and instructional classes.

In the words of Orvis CEO Perk Perkins, “If we are to benefit from the use of our natural resources, we must be willing to act to preserve them.” Therefore, Orvis donates 5% pre-tax profits every year to protecting nature, supporting communities, and advancing canine health and well being.


The Orvis Company is looking for a part-time Retail Sales Associate to join the women’s department at our retail store.  This store offers a full array of men’s and women’s apparel in addition to our known fly-fishing and pet products.

For more information, please review our complete job profile and fill out the online application form at


  • 1150 Farrow Parkway, Myrtle Beach SC 29577
  • (843) 839-6900

OrvisRecent Reviews

Jerry Harris

a week ago

I love the clothes now I'm found out I had bought shirts made in America these are made in Indonesia what the heck..

Heather Caldwell

5 months ago

I came to store in Market Commons on Friday the 14th of June. Everything there was very organized and clean. There were a few employees talking standing around. I went into the ladies department browsing through the clothes and a gentleman ask if I needed helped with anything. He also informed me where the dressing rooms were. This place seemed like a nice professional store.

Christopher Wait

9 months ago

Unrivaled experience. I have spent several thousand dollars in this store in the past few years, owing to an addiction to plaid and flannel. LT, Mike, Scottie, Hunter and Susan have always been very helpful in suggesting new patterns and materials to fuel my addiction, nearly bankrupting me. They also like dogs which is nice. All of the stars.

Michael Koplen

3 months ago

Orvis has quality clothing and often excellent sales.

Norman Bendell

9 months ago

Nice men's sporty clothing and outdoor wear. High end country casual. Also some nice outdoor casual women's clothing.