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The Walking Company mission is to help you walk in comfort in all aspects of your life. Whether you are purchasing a fashion comfort sandal to wear while dining out, comfortable dress shoes to commute to the city, an ultimate comfort clog to use while on your feet all day at work, or a new pair of performance shoes to reach your personal fitness goal.

The Walking CompanyRecent Reviews

r razorback

a week ago

Gave it 3 stars becaise the employees are great. Store is clean an products are displayed nicely. However tjey are GROSSLY WILL spend SEVERAL hindred dollars if you purchase more than 1 set of shoes...

Christopher Wait

9 months ago

Went here on a whim looking for some brown casual shoes to be worn with jeans. After perusing the selection vert briefly, an associate approached me and asked to help. I explained what I was looking for and she helped me with a few suggestions and pointed out some clearance shoes that I hadn't even noticed. They then took an electronic mapping of my stride and foot and picked a custom insert for my shoes. I ended up getting a pair of shoes that were in the clearance area for a great price, and the insert has definitely helped with foot and back pain. They really know their stuff and are very helpful here.

Mariah Sightler

4 weeks ago

Employees are very direct and customer service is extremely lack luster! Will never return to this location again.

Cora Martin

a year ago

If a minus stars would be possible I would be happy to give it them for this store. Bought few days ago a pair of EXPENSIVE nursing shoes for my husband and intentionally asked if the can be returned. We've been lied to, and said oh yes, for 30 days, as long as you don't wear them outside. Again, asked if a clinic environment is considered inside/indoor, we've been told, yes no problem After ONE DAY, my husband came home with back pain and serious legs pain, so went back to return them. And surprise, they have NO RETURNING policy! They even tried to up sell us a more expensive pair, told us the lady who sold the shoes to us in the previous day did MISINFORMED customers before, but it is nothing they can do. They would not give us money back and laughed in our face saying "Good luck with corporate, here is the phone number". Well corporate looked at the pictures we sent and said yes, return them, no problem, you will get your money back! We had to call, take pictures, go to FEDEX and go through all the hassle to discover they is not the corporate but that specific store who is not doing returns. Maybe is the commission, maybe they are too lazy to go through the returning processes, I don't care. I know we will never set foot in that place and I strongly advice you to do the same!

Anne Quinn

8 months ago

Amazing experience, extremely helpful in making sure shoes fit properly! Lots of patience!!