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The Walking Company mission is to help you walk in comfort in all aspects of your life. Whether you are purchasing a fashion comfort sandal to wear while dining out, comfortable dress shoes to commute to the city, an ultimate comfort clog to use while on your feet all day at work, or a new pair of performance shoes to reach your personal fitness goal.

The Walking CompanyRecent Reviews

Geoff Crosley

a month ago

Great sale going on now! Bought a pair of sneakers. Very comfortable! Never bought shoes where you step on a mat, it shows your pressure points and arch. Then you get orthotic insert for the shoe. Feels great walking in them, plan on buying more

M Crandall

3 weeks ago

Good sale but limited selection. Susan was great

r razorback

2 months ago

Gave it 3 stars becaise the employees are great. Store is clean an products are displayed nicely. However tjey are GROSSLY WILL spend SEVERAL hindred dollars if you purchase more than 1 set of shoes...

Maureen Stillwell

a month ago

Great sales good service.

Kevin Hickey

a month ago

Very helpful staff and great bargains