The creative chemist, head brewer Daniel Glauser

Daniel Glauser, head brewer at Gordon Biersch here at The Market Common, always had a thing for chemistry, but his plans for pharmacy school was rerouted into an unconventional science instead: brewing beer.

Working as a pharmacy technician in Arizona, Glauser had about three more classes to take before he could start applying to pharmacy schools, when he was told by a college friend that a part-time job opportunity as an assistant brewer at the Gordon Biersch in Glendale opened up.

“He gave me a call and told me, ‘I know you’re getting burned out on pharmacy and the brewer that trained me is looking for an assistant. You want to give brewing a shot?’” says Glauser.  “I met the brewer the next day, talked to him for about an hour, and he hired me on the spot.”  

Trained under that head brewer with 20-plus years of experience, Glauser rose up the ranks to a full-time assistant there and, after three years, to head brewer here at the Gordon Biersch Myrtle Beach location.

“I came here for a week to see the restaurant and I was moving two weeks after that,” says Glauser.

He’s now been one of the masterful brewers at Gordon Bierch for almost six years and couldn’t be happier with his career change.

“The best part of my job is the marriage of science and creativity,” says Glauser. “I initially started in pharmacy because I love chemistry, but I realized I just didn’t want to be standing in a confined space and having the majority of my day staring at computer screens.

“By switching to a brewing career, I was able to physically make something that people could enjoy,” he continues. “I still had a science aspect to the job … and I was able to experiment with different malt and hop combinations to see what flavors would go well with each other.”

That’s what he says makes Gordon Biersch stand out with their brews: the variety of beer they’re able to produce onsite. From the seasonal dark Winterbock lager to the lighter Golden Export and hoppy, fruit and malty blends in between. And he says they have a couple beers making their return to the taps in a few weeks: a Brut IPA and a hoppy red ale.

“We have the freedom to brew anything and everything, for the most part, and then it gets served a couple hundred feet away,” says Glauser.

What you may not know is that the brewing process itself is a full, eight-hour day. As Glauser explains, after everything is in the fermenters, the yeast does its job and, depending on what they’re brewing, they’ll have beer ready in as little as two weeks. 

“Each batch I brew will yield me about 450 to 475 gallons of beer, or about 30 kegs,” he says.

That’s something to raise a pint to! And, thanks to Glauser, they’re full.

Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant is located at 3060 Howard Ave., Myrtle Beach. For more info on upcoming events and happenings at Gordon Biersch, visit

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