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At 810 Billiards & Bowling, we want to create a fun and casual atmosphere where anyone can feel welcomed and relaxed. Maybe you want to relax over a quiet game of chess and a glass of wine? Or maybe a night of billiards and cocktails is more your speed. How about a pitcher, some sliders and a few frames of 10-pin? Or try your hand at our glow in the dark indoor mini golf! Whatever your preference, we have you covered.

And be sure to check out our ongoing special events:
Monday-Friday | 4-7 PM | Happy Hour
Mondays | 6-8 PM | Jukebox Bingo
Tuesdays | 7-9 PM | Mind Games Trivia
Wednesdays | 7-9 PM | Survey Game
Thursdays | 6-8 PM | Ultimate Bingo
Fridays | 8:10-11 PM | Friday Free, Live Music

810 Billiards & BowlingRecent Reviews

Ann Cusick

a month ago

This was my first time here. Its a great place. Bowling 🎳, arcade, indoor mini zombie golf and a huge bar and stage for entertainment. We went to see the band Therapy, they rocked the place! They also have the Crazy Mason milkshake place. There was a long line so we didn't try it but I hear it is amazing. I had the coconut shrimp with a raspberry sauce. Delicious!

Jon Moore

a week ago

Ok you have to go here for the most outrageously satisfying dessert of all time. The Crazy Mason serves the wildest treats I've ever witnessed. And they really are everything they say they are. Check them out online long before you go or you'll have trouble picking which one you want. Be ready to wait in line, a long line. But worth it for the experience. And if you choose one of the Crazy Shakes you get to keep a souvenir Crazy Mason jar. It's a bit pricey but worth it for the experience. And there is a bowling alley, mini golf, arcade, bar, and so much more under the same roof. You could waste a day here easily.

Strife Tech

a month ago

We've been to the other 810 places in the area and had a great time. Not so much at this one. The bartender was great, the staff working the bowling section however left a lot to be desired. When we arrived we were told that we just get a lane, and pay by the hour for however long we wanted to play. They give a lane, sharing a table and couch with another group of 5, we were also a group of 5, when there are about 4 open lanes directly down from them. Then, with about 15 minutes left in our first hour, at which point we hadn't even finished our first game and had just got our food, they approach us and ask if we're planning on staying longer than the hour. I informed them that we hadn't even finished our first game (we have a 4 year old with us, these things take a little longer), and we had just started to eat. I told them we would pay for another half hour, and didn't understand why we were even being questioned. They then proceed to tell us, if we want to stay longer, they will need to move us down to another lane, as a party had came in they needed these lanes. There was another group that had been here longer than us, a few lanes down. They then pestered us every 5 minutes until we just paid and left. Will not be returning to this location.

Marquetta Rattler

a month ago

Nice place they have literally EVERYTHING a family needs for a great night. Live music, bowling, miniature golf, a arcade and a great ice cream spot. I didn't eat there but the way the customers were shoveling in the food I'll assume it was great.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they also have board games too.

Victoria DuMont

3 weeks ago

810 is the place to go! I bring my friends here all the time to shoot pool, go bowling or throw some darts. We have a great time and on top of all that have the best bartenders and managers Brendan, Ellie, Rob, Chevy, Nicole etc. the best of the best. If you’re looking for a fun place to go 810 is the place to be!

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