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810 Billiards & Bowling


At 810 Billiards & Bowling, we want to create a fun and casual atmosphere where anyone can feel welcomed and relaxed. Maybe you want to relax over a quiet game of chess and a glass of wine? Or maybe a night of billiards and cocktails is more your speed. How about a pitcher, some sliders and a few frames of 10-pin? Whatever your preference, we have you covered.

Glow in the dark indoor mini golf now open!

810 Billiards & BowlingRecent Reviews

Richard Randall

3 weeks ago

Beware! You are at risk of virus infection in this establishment. We are local. 6/13/20, we visited the place for the first time to listen to the band and have a bite to eat. It was the wild west. No social distancing at all anywhere. The waitress started out using masks but ditch them quickly. Wait staff slow because there was not enough of them. Slow to get served, get food, pick up table and get the check. No sanitizing anywhere before during or after that I could see. By 9 pm people jammed together at the bar at least three deep as the liquor kicked in. Very surprised to see parents with young kids bunched together by the dozens at the Milk Shake bar. One woman told me she waited in the packed line 1 1/2 hours to get waited on ! Just a horrible experience!

Ashley RM

7 months ago

This is the best bowling alley I've ever visited. My husband and I did not get a chance to bowl but people look like they were having fun. We went Friday afternoon specifically for happy hour and then around 10 is a later happy hour and they have a live band and that was what we got caught up with and it was awesome. However is still a family spot there are bunch of children around there's arcade there's pool tables. They also have ice cream area for shakes and stuff like that. When it's super busy your service could be a tad slow but I would say that's with any place to get busy around happy hour. The waiters were really nice and the food was awesome. My husband felt his buffalo wings were a little salty. The Thai Chili wings I had were the best I've ever eaten, it was the bomb 💣 . I saw others order it and you could just see the enjoyment on their face with these wings, I'm not exaggerating. All I can say is you have to try the place. Also the fries in this pic where the freaking bomb. They were like a loaded bacon and cheese fry. They also have decent prices.

Ryan Brown

3 weeks ago

Awesome place. Great fun. The glow in the dark putt putt was harder than it looks.

MiniShell 18

3 weeks ago

Fun place for day or evening. Bands are great on weekends. All ages 21 to the 40s to to 80s Any ages you will fit right in!! Food is great too. Bar could get busy come early.

Georgina Rodriguez Flores

2 weeks ago

Customer service was great. My kids love it. Very friendly and family oriented.