EdVenture Children’s Museum – Now Bigger, Better & Just Down the Street


Building a Love of Learning

We’ve moved to a huge, new space just down the street! You can now find EdVenture at 4005 Howard Avenue, across the street from SOMA and Anthropologie. Grand Opening is Saturday, May 21st.

EdVenture Children’s Museum is a not-for-profit educational institution dedicated to creating new generations of lifelong learners through museum experiences, afterschool programming and camps. Helping shape a new generation of people who love to learn is at the core of all we do. In fact, our mission is to inspire children, youth and the adults who care about them to experience the joy of learning as individuals, as families and as a community.


EdVenture Children's Museum - Now Bigger, Better & Just Down the StreetRecent Reviews

Mama Bean

2 weeks ago

It's about a 2 hour activity as it's a bit small but fun.

zack shepherd

3 months ago

The play areas seemed to be kept clean and wiped down except all of the smaller toys. There is a section for only 2 and under with small LEGO’s, trains, and other toys that were absolutely filthy. They looked like they have never been cleaned. She started playing with the toys before I noticed how dirty they were and of course is sick with a high fever the next day. I can’t imagine how many germs are on those when they are visibly dirty.

Matt Rawls

6 months ago

Great place for kids for ages 1-4. Not a lot to do so make sure you look around before buying ticket. They had a craft table for the kids but was not stocked with anything but old dry out glue , cut up paper and half eaten crayons. We stayed for about 1 hours and all the workers did was play with a puzzle. Must be the best job ever! Make sure if you want to go and apply for a dream job with kids you apply here.

Micah Mcharge

8 months ago

The kids love this place. And I can say for the money it's definitely decent. The building is not super big so everything's kind of crammed together but the stuff that they do have is very interesting and cool. It can be very easy to sit there and waste a lot of time because of how interested the kids are with their games and displays. Definitely a family-friendly inexpensive great for young children saying to do. I hope your trip is as pleasant as ours.

Karen Smith Del

8 months ago

Great place to take the kids for an hour or two.

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