The Market Common

Grand 14 Cinema


Moviegoers can relax & enjoy Hollywood’s hottest hits in the most comfortable movie theater in Myrtle Beach.

With more than 2,600 luxury stadium seats, Grand 14 Cinema features high-back rocker seats and retractable arm rests, 14 fully expanded wall-to-wall screens, plus state-of-the-art Digital Dolby and DTS sound.

Grand 14 CinemaRecent Reviews

Jeffery Shorey

a month ago

We bought our tickets on line and when we got there we went to the concession stands to show our tickets ( no one was at the podium ) and were directed to a small, put to the side kiosk, to print our tickets. The machines calibration was off more than just a nuisance. Once we finally got the touch screen to register our tickets we had to come back to the concession stand to show our tickets. Once directed to the theater the floor all over the hallway was littered with popcorn and trash. I understand that spills happen but this was ridiculous. And the fact that it was still like that after a 3 hour movie is inexcusable. It was even all over the lobby before and after. We sat in the front ( our fault for being late ) and the seats had broken arm rest and shifted every time we moved. We decided to stay still because it was the only time I’ll be able to have for the week to see Avengers but definitely won’t come back to these theaters. Corporate should stop worrying about labor hours and splurge a little bit to have enough workers that can clean while working. Or hire a management crew that cares and takes care of the place.

Shari H

4 months ago

I had a private screening event and was lucky to rent one of the theaters to show a short film that I co-produced. The staff were amazing and so accommodating to me and my guests, and made this day a great success. Mr. Farmer, Bob the technician, and the entire staff at the Grand 14, thank you so much! We are live in Myrtle Beach and highly recommend seeing a movie at this theater. The location at Market Common is great, the seats are comfortable, and the theater is kept clean all the time. There prices are very reasonable too.

Adam Hyman

2 weeks ago

Brought wife to see a movie for Mother’s day. While watching movie a part of the ceiling falls crashing on top of seats! Incredibly no one was injured. I picked up one of the large pieces that fell and brought it out to the lobby to give to one of the workers. Not sure if I can just get over it, not sure if we’ll ever go back

Nikki Dimick

in the last week

This is my favorite theater in the area. The staff are always friendly and helpful, they're quick and polite. The chairs are big and comfortable and spacious so you don't feel cramped while you're watching the movie. Restrooms are clean as well.

Richard Desaulnier

4 months ago

My wife and I go on Tuesdays for the $5 tickets. We also get the $5 popcorn and drink. The facility is nice and spacious. Quality audio & visual experience while seated in comfortable seats with movable armrest with cup holders. The concession counter is large, clean and inviting with uniformed attendants. Some of the employees need to smile more and greet customers with a Hello, Thank you and Enjoy the movie! The ticket sales person (outside) seems annoyed by people interrupting her book reading. The guy who takes your tickets is always pleasant and directs you to the appropriate theater. All things considered, we recommend Grand 14 at Market Common.