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Grand 14 Cinema


Moviegoers can relax & enjoy Hollywood’s hottest hits in the most comfortable movie theater in Myrtle Beach.

With more than 2,600 luxury stadium seats, Grand 14 Cinema features high-back rocker seats and retractable arm rests, 14 fully expanded wall-to-wall screens, plus state-of-the-art Digital Dolby and DTS sound.

Grand 14 CinemaRecent Reviews

Dillon Post

in the last week

Tickets are cheap and the experience is grand! I don't ever get anything from the concessions that aspect doesn't apply for my experience. Seats are super comfy and the stadium style seating is nice so no one is blocking your view. Super clean and I've watched a total of 5 movies there so far. Awesome place!

Alyse Blair

a month ago

I ABSOLUTELY love this theater! Me and my mom had went to see the Yesterday movie and Rocketman and we had the greatest time! The prices were a little high but ticket prices were cheap and the theaters itself were very clean and comfortable. I loved how they had a little station to add extra liquid butter and cheese powder for your popcorn. The other theaters I've been to in the MB area didn't offer anything like that.

Christine C

4 weeks ago

I was pleasantly surprised to know the seats here recline. I enjoyed the movie and the snacks. The prices be expected. Movie and snack prices are nothing what they used to be but I am a movie buff so for certain movies, I will still come out and pay the high prices so I can get the full movie experience, in theater.

Ana Duggan

a month ago

Always lots of new movies to choose from. And in the summer they have a different classic hit movie two days a week and a different free kids movie at 10am one weekday morning each week. Clean theater and bathrooms. Comfortable seats (not the luxury recliners but very comfortable seats). Bonus, they serve beer and wine. I've never seen anyone over partaking there, and I'm a local who goes there often so nothing to worry about if you don't drink. Served in plastic cups so it's not obvious to kids either.

Erik Newby

2 months ago

Enjoyed an evening show here and was pleased with the experience. Overall a large complex that's well kept with friendly staff. The theaters are large with comfortable seating. There were no issues with the technology, and the quality of the film was good. The sound seemed to be turned down slightly. It could have been a little more immersive. Great location, in walking distance from many other shops and restaurants easy to enjoy before or after a show.