Grand 14 Cinema – We ARE Open!


Moviegoers can relax and enjoy Hollywood’s hottest films in the most comfortable movie theater in Myrtle Beach.

With more than 2,600 luxury stadium seats, Grand 14 Cinema features high-back rocker seats and retractable arm rests, offering 14 fully expanded wall-to-wall screens, plus state-of-the-art Digital Dolby and DTS sound. Visit our page often for new movie listings.

Grand 14 Cinema - We ARE Open!Recent Reviews

Fred Preston

3 months ago

Great theater, comfortable seats. Usually not too crowded. Edit: I'm trying to hang with them, I know times are tough, but something has to be done about the stink in there! I don't know what happened, but every time we go there now, it smells like an open sewer in there.

Kris Stevens

9 months ago

Nice theater

Doug Schultze

9 months ago

It was fantastic like always

Ron JR

2 months ago

I guess it was clean, big enough inside, but just shocked they didn’t seem to have Dolby digital surround sound, especially for Godzilla vs. Kong where it’s needed and appreciated most. It is 2021, so FIX this silly but BIG issue and the rating improves.

Linda Filyaw

8 months ago

Stone Theatre is a great place to enjoy a good movie. It offers a clean and comfortable environment.

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