May 06 2024


6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

New Moon Yoga Ceremony

New Moon ceremony: Monday, May 7th 6-7:30pm:  Practices may include meditation, journaling, or creating vision boards to align with desires for the upcoming cycle. It’s a time for reflection, intention-setting, and spiritual renewal.

What to bring:

  • Journal and Pen: For reflection, intention-setting, and jotting down thoughts or insights during the ceremony.
  • Crystals: If you’re into crystal healing, bringing stones that resonate with the energy of the New Moon can enhance your intentions.
  • Yoga Mat or Cushion: For comfortable seating during meditation or reflection.
  • Water or Herbal Tea: To stay hydrated and nourished during the ceremony.
  • Any Personal Items: Items such as oracle cards, incense, or essential oils that hold personal significance or aid in your spiritual practice.

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