CO Sushi


We offer high-quality, fresh sushi, a small selection of Vietnamese dishes & a full array of specialty cocktails.

  • 3098 Deville Street, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
  • (843) 839-1733

CO SushiRecent Reviews

Joellen Plyler

in the last week

We frequently go to this restaurant. Love the service and the amazing food. NOT tonight and not sure what happen. Any warm food was way off! Bang bang shrimp had no sauce??? My meal… I sent back and it came back warm the the second time verses cold the first time and just wasn’t the quality it usually is. We always give a place another chance because there are always circumstances. Waitress was perfect but that doesn’t make the food taste well.

Chuck Gower

a month ago

Amazing bartender/server. Super smart, short, beautiful young lady. The men's room door was locked and I'm one of those weird dudes that likes to wash his hands at a restaurant. The tuna roll was average at best. Tuna was warm and rubbery. I'll try it again for the beautiful bartender so kudos to their HR people.

Master DDF

6 months ago

Fantastic place. Glad I made the stop in. Had multiple dishes on the table, pho, pad Thai, hibachi chicken steak and shrimp. Everything was on point. The sushi was prepared and delivered properly as well. Not a single complaint about this place. Thank you Gordon for the awesome food and Madison for the great service.

Marley H

7 months ago

Beautiful spot for a date night in Myrtle Beach! I am vegetarian and gluten free. My husband doesn’t like fish. They had plenty of options for us both to choose from. Nice high quality dishes that tasted amazing!

Baltimore Bond

5 months ago

The flavors and price match very well. The sashimi platter is the best priced item. They have surprisingly excellent cocktails and drinks. Average prices bit very unique choices.

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