CO Sushi


We offer high-quality, fresh sushi, a small selection of Vietnamese dishes & a full array of specialty cocktails.

  • 3098 Deville Street, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
  • (843) 839-1733

CO SushiRecent Reviews

Bernie Dulaski

2 months ago

Just left five minutes ago. The food and our server were absolutely amazing. I apologize for forgetting your name(server). It was myself, my wife and three boys. You guys are great! Unfortunately, I live in Florida, but the next time we are in town, we will be sure to visit. Great Job!

Russel Buchanan

2 months ago

We came in tonight so our daughter could experience your delicious Sushi. My wife and I have been there two other times and sat at the bar, both times everything was fantastic. Tonight was terrible, we were seated and it took too long for anyone to come to our table. When he did, we ordered drinks, our daughters soda came right away, we saw our drinks at the end of the bar. We also noticed that a table of two ladies, which came in after us and serviced by the same waiter got there drinks before us. When he returned to our table to take our food order we asked about our drinks and he stated they are coming. I said that they are at the end of the bar and have been for quite awhile, he said ya I know and went and got them. His good customer service was lacking, when he came back to the table I said we will just be having a drink, he said cool and went back to the two ladies that he was giving all his attention too.

Daughter of the King

a month ago

Hostess and bartender were excellent in letting us know someone would seat us momentarily. We waited about 3-4 minutes to be seated. It took our waitress approximately 8 minutes to come greet us. She brought us our drinks and that was the last we have seen of her. She brought our drinks at 8:22. WE decided to leavea 8:49 become she never returned to take our order. I am upset because the restaurant was not busy (plenty of tables left, not a huge crowd). I will not return.

Gabriela Leggett

2 months ago

Their sushi is good, better when it’s half off, not sure it’s really worth the full price. I appreciate how they have vegan sushi but again, not worth full price. Recently went, left my name and number, they claimed to have called me but I had no call. Went for the 1/2 off sushi but missed it because I didn’t get a phone call and they wouldn’t honor it.

Wil Boughan

a month ago

I’ve never not tipped in my life but just started today. Thank god the food was absolutely amazing because the service was trash. We waiting for an hour to eat which was fine, but once in we sat and waited on water refills for over 20 minutes multiple times… I had to actually go ask the bar for water. We also never saw our server after our drinks were sat down and food was handed to us. Also waited over 20 minutes to even pay for our meals… sat with empty cups and plates with credit cards in hand the whole time. No one noticed. Eventually talked to the host to even get our bill. No apology or acknowledgment was given.

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