CO Sushi


We offer high-quality, fresh sushi, a small selection of Vietnamese dishes & a full array of specialty cocktails.

  • 3098 Deville Street, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
  • (843) 839-1733

CO SushiRecent Reviews

mary chambrs

a month ago

Great food. Still providing happy hour sushi 2 for 1 on Tuesday and Thursday if you want to invite a friend. Staff was warm, welcoming and friendly. I noticed many other unique dishes that were worth dining out for coming out from the kitchen.


a month ago

Excellent sushi and I was surprised they had pho. Being a sushi freak has gotten me into the top 10% of Asian restaurant reviewers on Google, so I've certainly had my fair share. This was very fresh, and well made. What made it an even better experience was the staff. The two very nice ladies were highly attentive and super sweet. I really enjoyed it!

Ruojing Li

a month ago

I ordered Thai Drunken Noodles. This is probably the most salty food I’ve ever tried. The dish is $17, I guess the salt and soy sauce they put in it probably is worthy $10… I have to pour good amount of water into the plate to dilute it to continue eating. In addition, food took forever to come. Still give 2 stars because waiters and waitress are nice.

Nuwrina Mayers

a month ago

My boyfriend and I were visiting for a few days from Atlanta. Hailey was our bartender and she was AMAZING! Super sweet, patient, and helpful. She gave us advice on the food and told us everything was good…..AND she was right! the food was soooo good! We came during happy hour, the dumplings, drink of the day, curry and sushi were all delicious!

Ann Lala

3 weeks ago

The sushi was good. But the experience was not good. Our table of 5 was basically ignored and I couldn't tell you why. The restaurant was about 25% full. Initially there was a huge delay with receiving our cocktails and it only spiralled out of control for the rest of our dinner. Entrees and sushi came out haphazardly.....the hostess apologized but it continued. We weren't able to eat together because of the choppy service. They forgot about our cocktails that waited by the bartender for 20 mins, they forgot napkins, an get it. Very distracting for all of us. In the end they sent over 3 small fried strawberry things as their apology...not only were there 5 of us but one had a strawberry allergy. I hope it was an off evening for the waiter because the sushi was pretty good......but not at all happy with the experience.

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