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A French-inspired café serving breakfast and dinner. From omelets and Belgian waffles to steaks, seafood, and sandwiches, you’ll love our cuisine.

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Kara Mallizzio

3 months ago

I have never left a review for anywhere before. Ever. I’m not really the type. BUT in this instance I felt compelled. Not because I am upset, but more so confused and want to give others a heads up. I tried to visit this establishment today with my daughter (11 months old) and my parents. We wanted to sit on the patio. We were told no strollers are allowed . Which I completely understand. They are big, bulky and get in the way. I said that was fine, that I could leave it off to the side of the establishment out of the way. And then we were told that a high chair could not be brought out for her. Again, perfectly fine—I know that would get in the way on a small patio. I said I would just place her in my lap. And then we were told that small children are just not allowed. They could not serve us because we had a child. I have never heard of a policy like this. So I wanted to give other families a heads up. I am sure the food is great, but since I have a baby, I could not dine at the establishment. Just a bit weird if you ask me. Don’t bring your babies if you want crepes! 😂

Jennifer Hupko

a year ago

Food was great, as was the service, but the bartender was a touch cocky when asked about ingredients in drinks.

Lauren McKinney

2 months ago

We had a great all around experience. Service was excellent from when we walked in and they explained the time it took to make their amazing food, to the service at the table. We felt welcomed and appreciated. The food was amazing for a brunch birthday celebration. They even brought out a big candle for my daughter which made it extra special.

Margie Brammer

8 months ago

I absolutely love this restaurant. Breakfast , lunch or dinner, the food is exceptional. Service is great even during a pandemic. I’m never disappointed. Thank you for being consistent with quality food and service

Shawn Porter

in the last week

Just completed traveling up and down the east coast hitting up as many restaurants as possible looking for those secret gems. And I must say Crepe Creation Cafe was by far the best stop. Our waiter Sean R. was outstanding, friendly and ready to serve us to the with the upmost care. Everything we had was a delicious treat and only helped to improve our already exceeded initial expectations. The atmosphere was outstanding, clean and well kept. From the live performance to the great pricing. You are definitely getting what you paid for and more. 11 out of 10 recommended for any and all who pass through the Myrtle Beach area.

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