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A French-inspired café serving breakfast and dinner. From omelets and Belgian waffles to steaks, seafood, and sandwiches, you’ll love our cuisine.

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Paulette Brandle-Young

3 weeks ago

First and foremost...fantastic food! Impressive for the eyes as well as the palate. The atmosphere was very charming and the staff was very friendly. My only complaint was the time we spent waiting for the check. I do appreciate not being rushed out, but when you're ready to leave, you're ready to leave. A lady, who I assume was the manager/owner was going from table to table and as I saw her coming towards us I thought that would be my opportunity to ask for the bill. Uh uh. She walked towards us, tapped on our table (no eye contact from her) and said "You're good", and moved on. Didn't ask if we enjoyed our meal, didn't ask if we needed our check, nothing. It wouldn't have bothered me so much, but she spent time talking with the party at the very next table because apparently she thought they were more important. Again, though, excellent food and staff.

Jennifer Hupko

7 months ago

Food was great, as was the service, but the bartender was a touch cocky when asked about ingredients in drinks.

Sharan Saboji

2 weeks ago

The first thing that struck me was the organic randomness of seating groups that throws in a natural vibe into the space. There are plenty of choices on the menus for all ranges of taste buds and age groups. They also offer fresh juice or tea/coffee to your liking. You can choose to stay immersed in your table conversation or glance at the many pieces of wall decor, paintings and photographs. I didn't get to try the bar seating but it looked cozy and enjoyable from afar.

Kailey Benson

3 weeks ago

Had the best experience. Kim was our server she was amazing. Had great suggestions . She didn’t forget about us when we sat outside. Was on it when it came to refilling our drinks. The food was superb. Her suggestion of the balsamic on the side made the Tuscan crepe. Whipped cream was the best ever.

C Cameron

3 weeks ago

Yum yum. My best friends just moved from CT. We had a party of 7..Everyone loved their dishes. Unusual, since someone is unhappy. Not that day. Great food, reasonable price, service spot on not over bearing. Loved deco. Plus when we left walked out to car show. Market Commons nice place to walk off meal.

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