Nacho Hippo


The local legend says the elusive Nacho Hippo (Nachonamus Hippopotamo Maximus) can only be spotted when a true lover of World Class Nachos has given up all hope of finding any. Then and only then, the Hippo may magically appear on a clear moonlit night – trudging through the dunes, ready to help and guide a kindred spirit. If you are one of the lucky ones who sees the Hippo, follow her. She will lead you to Nacho Hippo Cantina Maximo.

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11 months ago

One of my favorite restaurants in the area. Delicious food! The nachos are huge and so good. Tacos are great and they have a variety of options. Good appetizers if you just want a snack and some drinks. Great atmosphere, friendly staff

Emmettaug ForReal

3 months ago

I give two stars because of the food was so good.. Visited this location for the first time last night. Myself and four others. Very bad experience. The slowest service I have received in years. And the two Margarita pitchers were overfilled with ice and had no alcohol detectable. Never expected to be skimped at market common. We even took them to the bar and the bartender double checked from the big dispenser and she said it was fine. I would like to make a complaint but the contact us link on the nacho hippo website does not go anywhere. Also there was water all over the floor in both bathrooms and our handicapped uncle almost slipped and fell and notified the staff and they did not take it seriously at all. The staff said it must have been cleaned with a chemical... I started working in the restaurant industry when I was 15 I know how it is.

Simon Boyce

10 months ago

Food was unbelievable, prices were very fair and service was fast and excellent. Mexican style cuisine with a modern twist would be the best way to describe the experience. 5 stars from me!

Ellen Sabo

2 months ago

This was my first time and I loved it! Our waiter Dawson was friendly and checked with us often to see if we needed anything. I had the shredded chicken quesidilla and it was so good! Lots of chicken! My husband had the steak fajitas and he ate every bite! We definitely will be going back!

Andrew Kniss

2 months ago

Tacos and Mexican-style cuisine. Staff are friendly. Nacho portions are large. Food is well seasoned, but not too spicy. Restaurant is well decorated and clean. Easy parking in the next-door parking garage.

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