P.F. Chang’s


At P.F. Chang’s you are surrounded by a unique environment combining influences of Chinese and American cultures. A panoramic, hand-painted mural depicting 12th century China, is visible from the main dining room and commands attention as the restaurant’s centerpiece, while several terra-cotta warriors stand guard.

These elements showcase the cuisine and create a stylish, comfortable, upbeat dining experience for our guests.

P.F. Chang'sRecent Reviews

Cornfield Inabucket

3 weeks ago

Food was good and warm. Server left so much to be desired especially on a 115 check for two. It was my daughter's birthday. Waiter did just that made us wait and wait and nearly 10 minutes more wait for my change. Only 6 busy tables, mostly 2 tops. Terrible service. Go to an authentic Asian restaurant in a strip mall much better value and LOCAL.

Darius Thomas

2 weeks ago

Was very excited to try the food! However, did not even get to on account of the rudest manager we have ever come across. Dan is the so called manager at this establishment, but really should not be around staff or customers. If you want new business, I would suggest a new manager!!!

Yvonne C Hinson

a month ago

Went to dinner on a Wednesday night, August 18. Got seated quickly. Waited 20 minutes at the table. Only 2 of us. Couldn't get a server to even take our drink order while others around us seemed to get seated and waited on. Used to be one of my favorite places. We walked out.


2 months ago

It looks upscale and fancy but honestly, the food wasn't anything amazing. I think the local, cheaper Chinese restaurants outshine this place flavor-wise to be honest. The service was very nice.

alicia marquina

4 weeks ago

Food was not good. Some things were edible such as lo mein noodles 5/10. Chicken I got tasted like perfume which we absolutely could not eat they did take it off the bill. Bill still came to $65 for two people.

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