Travinia Italian Kitchen


Serving handcrafted selections for lunch and dinner, each Travinia Italian Kitchen & chef is compelled by a passion for the flavors and freshness of regional ingredients.

Here, guests look forward to a creative and varied menu of contemporary Modern American Italian choices, a Gluten-Free menu, an impressive collection of carefully-chosen wines and an atmosphere of comfort, style … and our unmistakable desire to please.

Travinia Italian KitchenRecent Reviews

Dylan Parker

a week ago

Used to love this place. Here recently I’m unsure what’s going on. Sat down at a table and waited 20 minutes to even be greeted. Tables that came in afterwards had already had drinks. Server barely came to our table the entire evening. I understand finding employees is hard and the kitchen can be backed up, but whenever other tables are getting waited on extremely fast and our server is chatting with other employees and rarely checking up on the table then something is up. Food was good. Other people had great service, but ours was awful.

Roxanne Neumann

a month ago

Tonight was not a good night at Travinias. We arrived at 6pm and was told it was a 20 minute wait. At 25 minutes, after a party with a 630 reservation showed up, that i over heard, I went in to check. The hostess said she didn't know when we'd be seated because now the 630 reservations were showing up and we had to wait for those. They finally called us 40 min into it. But by then we're so discouraged as not to get a table we left. If she would have just said she understood we waited a long time and was doing everything she could to get us seated I wouldn't have been mad but instead she didn't like it that I got mad because who wouldn't get mad after they already waited their fair share of time. Just to be told to wait some more. The food is good but that hassle has completely turned me off. Go to Angelo's for good Italian and steak...their hostesses know what they are doing.

Gustavo Marrero

a month ago

The best reason to me here is the live music. Their food is hit and miss but is good food overall. I unfortunately felt discriminated today by the female host. Came in with the expectation to wait or try to get space on the bar. Was immediately treated with dislike, was asked to wait in the back of the restaurant, as if maybe my kind should not be in the front. Waited my requested 30 minutes. When my table was called she wanted to sit me on the very back of the restaurant. Although I had made it clear I was there for the band. I asked to take one of the two identical tables to the one I was being asked to sit at, which were closer to the front. At which point I was asked to wait another 5-10 minutes. After the 10 minutes I asked the male host if there was a point in making me wait since the two tables I had been asked to wait for had been cleaned and empty since I requested them and I didn’t understand what the reason for waiting was. He had to go speak to a manager before I got permission to sit on the still empty table I had requested 15 minutes prior. Please give this male host a raise, then please train your female host who was there today 8/28 to be less obvious in her obvious culture bias to put it nicely.

Robert Sutton

3 months ago

Had a great dinner with excellent service last night. Most of our local restaurants are understaffed so please have patience with them and tip your servers well during these difficult times. We were very appreciative that given their staffing challenges they were still able to get the order out fast. Our server was very attentive. Many thanks, we appreciate you and the great job that everyone is doing in the kitchen and on the floor!

Judy Plummer

4 weeks ago

Food was a little Blane today and fettuccine could have been cooked a smidge more. I've eaten here many times with far better results. Might just be still recovering from COVID. We have a service industry shortage so it's affecting our restaurants. I will give them benefit of the doubt this time.

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