A unique and eclectic assortment of women’s casual apparel and accessories, home furnishings and a diverse array of gifts and decorative items. The home furnishings range from furniture, rugs, lighting, and antiques to tabletop items, bedding, and gifts.

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9 months ago

The best place for casual boho girly fashion!

Erika Perkola

9 months ago

I love the treatment you get at an upscale retail place. They take your clothes for you and start a fitting room. No follow up at the fitting room, but I was ok with that. A big girl going to a boutique like place is a bit out of my comfort zone. But they didn't make me feel any different.

carolyn harley

7 months ago

If only the pieces I love were just a little more affordable. Such beautiful and original clothes.

Carmen Cannon

5 months ago

I wish I could buy the entire store.

Megan Roesch

a year ago

I usually love anthropologie so so much but going into this location put a real damper on my whole day. I went in to shop and not a single employee greeted me, everyone else in the store was greeted and checked on, but not once did anyone say hello or ask me if I needed any assistance. Two employees walked right past me 3 separate times, even greeting customers that came in after me, and no acknowledgment happened in the slightest. Not only was I brutally ignored, the same two employees spent most of the time I was in there complaining loudly about the company at the front of the store where everyone could hear it. I decided I didn't want to stay in there any longer and checked out with what I had already grabbed, I'd have loved to shop more but not with all that happening. I get to the register and the woman checking me out didn't ask any common curtesy retail questions as you normally would which made me even more sad. They're supposed to ask every guest if they're an anthro rewards member, which they asked everyone else they checked out while I was standing in line, but not me. I don't know what it is, but I am saddened and disappointed. No customer should be treated the way I was in there today. I don't think I'll be returning to this location anytime soon.

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