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Barnes & Noble is everything you could ask for in a bookstore! Items include bestsellers, magazines, board games, children’s activities, music, and much, much more! And, let’s not forget that all-important coffee fix, STARBUCKS!

Barnes and NobleRecent Reviews

Sarah Hembree

6 months ago

Very clean well organized and stocked. The staff is anxious to help. I found what i was searching for with ease.. I like the coupon for the yummy coffee at the Starbucks cafe.

John D'Amicantonio

9 months ago

It's always great. Barnes and Noble consistently provides excellent customer service thanks to friendly and very knowledgeable sales staff. If you like to read B&N is the next best thing to a library. If they don't have what you're looking for the staff will offer to find the title you want and order it with no obligation to buy.

Theresa Ridge

5 months ago

Great place for books and to get all the versions of Kindle there are. The store is always clean. The people who work there are always s nice and willing to help you find anything your looking for.

Michael K Buck

8 months ago

Nice books, but cds and dvds are double priced. Not really keeping up with other stores. So if you want to burn your cash in a nice place, you've found Nirvana here.

Donald Goforth

3 months ago

Barnes & Noble has lost a lot of what they should be but they are still a good bookstore. The toys and games I'm sure are there to attract children or young families but they distract from those of us who like finding a larger variety of books. I have discovered that if I want a particular book by a particular author that there is a wonderful privately owned bookstore not far from me and I will go there and pick it up on the shelf instead of having someone to order it in. A personal touch and customer service is much more important than a large box store.

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