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Barnes & Noble is everything you could ask for in a bookstore! Items include bestsellers, magazines, board games, children’s activities, music, and much, much more! And, let’s not forget that all-important coffee fix, STARBUCKS!

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John D'Amicantonio

12 months ago

It's always great. Barnes and Noble consistently provides excellent customer service thanks to friendly and very knowledgeable sales staff. If you like to read B&N is the next best thing to a library. If they don't have what you're looking for the staff will offer to find the title you want and order it with no obligation to buy.

Michael K Buck

11 months ago

Nice books, but cds and dvds are double priced. Not really keeping up with other stores. So if you want to burn your cash in a nice place, you've found Nirvana here.

Kathi Hines

a month ago

The wonderful Mollie walked exactly to the book I was looking for. In a store full of books. Very impressive. Thank you.

Miss Gigglebox

a month ago

I ordered a signed copy of Andrew McCarthy's book Brat and I'm enjoying it tremendously. My complaint is about the shipping. My experience was a total nightmare. The book wasn't shipped when it said it would bit I overlooked that. Its said it would be delivered on a Friday....nothing. Then it said Saturday....still nothing. Once again, Monday was the same ordeal. I finally just went to the post office myself and had them search for it and finally got it. Next time I order a book I think will just buy in store.

joey Nuetella

7 months ago

I was in B&N Christmas shopping for my niece about 5-6 days ago. I had help finding a book on her wishlist and older lady helped me. When I went to checkout is the issue. The young girl in her mid 20's had a bad attitude. I walked up to the register and the whole time she was just scowling! Then she spoke and I'm not sure if it was a New York accent or New Jersey or what but at that point I wasn't listening much because her attitude when she spoke was horrible. Just very confrontational, I just wanted to purchase my niece's gift and get out of there as fast as I could. I wrote this now because I sat here and wrapped gifts for 4 nephew 3 nieces and 2 children. When I got to her book I was reminded the bad experience in that store. I don't go in there hardly but when you are Christmas shopping for family you have to go places you wouldn't otherwise goto for any others circumstance. This visit will be the last time.

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