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Barnes & Noble is everything you could ask for in a bookstore! Items include bestsellers, magazines, board games, children’s activities, music, and much, much more! And, let’s not forget that all-important coffee fix, STARBUCKS!

Barnes and NobleRecent Reviews

Rich Grogan

2 weeks ago

Sure you can buy online, but in the store us so nice to browse. The staff are friendly and welcoming. They are so helpful in finding specific items or making recommendations. You just can't replace the experience with a computer screen. Plus you and sit and read a few pages to see if you like it.

wander over yonder

2 months ago

Staff is exceedingly helpful and informative, a wide selection of books and an even bigger selection online. I’m a B&N member. The front cashier is friendly and always enjoyable to talk to. The café is also great and the ladies there always get my order correct, which makes browsing all the better. I hope they are well appreciated! But often there is only one staff member in the café during the busiest hours and things move slowly. I do understand restrictions in place with COVID, but I would strongly suggest hiring more staff for the café to assist the current staff.

Sarah Hembree

a month ago

Very clean well organized and stocked. The staff is anxious to help. I found what i was searching for with ease.. I like the coupon for the yummy coffee at the Starbucks cafe.

Theresa Ridge

in the last week

Great place for books and to get all the versions of Kindle there are. The store is always clean. The people who work there are always s nice and willing to help you find anything your looking for.

John D'Amicantonio

3 months ago

It's always great. Barnes and Noble consistently provides excellent customer service thanks to friendly and very knowledgeable sales staff. If you like to read B&N is the next best thing to a library. If they don't have what you're looking for the staff will offer to find the title you want and order it with no obligation to buy.