Soma offers beautiful and sensual lingerie, loungewear, and beauty products. At Soma, beautiful begins underneath with luxuriously soft fabrics, innovative fashion, and an always perfect fit for every body. Each Soma boutique offers free expert bra fittings anytime, the warmest personal service and 42 bra sizes from 32A-44G.

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Jamie Colletti

3 weeks ago

Worst customer service ever! I’ve been shopping there for 15 years! Employee told me she only had two bras that would fit me and got an attitude when I asked to see them. I’ll take my $200 bra budget somewhere else from now on!! What a disgrace! And I’m a business owner in the retail industry myself! Would never be that disrespectful to a customer!

Beth Perna

3 months ago

Margo was amazing! She was very detail-oriented and ensured a perfect fit on every bra I tried on. I'm very happy with the comfort and quality of the products I purchased!

Jessica Lingle

3 weeks ago

The customer service in this store was beyond horrible and it put an awful taste in my mouth, they were extremely snooty and rude; I had recently purchased some bras online back in February and was informed by customer service when I called for a return that it may be easier to take it to a store for return since shipping and returns were so delayed due to Covid without being informed of a 60 day return time. We do not have a Soma store close by our home so I held onto them until we were visiting the beach house, upon arrival the cashier seemed irritated with helping me right off the bat, huffing and standing there looking at me like I’m incompetent when all I wanted to do was exchange them and shop for more items. Finally, after she said she couldn’t help me due to the time frame I just informed her I would just take the loss and gift them to somebody but continued to look around the store for items seeing soma is the only brand I wear, the entire time I shopped I was followed and asked 100x if I needed something or if I even knew what I was looking for as I answered 100x just looking, thank you. If I even so much as had a small pile of items in my hands they were taking them and putting them behind the register “for when I checked out” …side note I had my 19 month old on my hip the ENTIRE time so as if that’s not stressful enough shopping I have somebody following me around like I’m going to shop lift the entire store. They’re welcome for the hefty amount that I spent while I was in there but I will not be back, I’ll keep my soma purchases online. They need a course in courtesy and to wipe the judgmental looks off of their faces when dealing with paying customers.

Lois A Marinelli

11 months ago

I was extremely disappointed with the customer service at this store. I called the day before to confirm I would be able to try on bras and receive assistance in doing so and was assured I would. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way. There was only one associate on the floor. She measured me and only gave me one bra at a time. Needless to say, she had to helped others in between. So I waited endlessly multiple times. The purpose of going to these specialty stores is to have someone help you in the dressing room. I could go to JCPENNEY, KOHLS, etc to purchase bra’s but I specifically wanted assistance and customer service that your store is known to offer. Totally dissatisfied. I also did not like being told it’s because of hours changed due to COVID. We must move forward with life, we women still need to purchase undergarments.

Micheal Siracii

3 weeks ago

Awful customer service

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