Soma offers beautiful and sensual lingerie, loungewear, and beauty products. At Soma, beautiful begins underneath with luxuriously soft fabrics, innovative fashion, and an always perfect fit for every body. Each Soma boutique offers free expert bra fittings anytime, the warmest personal service and 42 bra sizes from 32A-44G.

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Beth Perna

a month ago

Margo was amazing! She was very detail-oriented and ensured a perfect fit on every bra I tried on. I'm very happy with the comfort and quality of the products I purchased!

Lois A Marinelli

9 months ago

I was extremely disappointed with the customer service at this store. I called the day before to confirm I would be able to try on bras and receive assistance in doing so and was assured I would. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way. There was only one associate on the floor. She measured me and only gave me one bra at a time. Needless to say, she had to helped others in between. So I waited endlessly multiple times. The purpose of going to these specialty stores is to have someone help you in the dressing room. I could go to JCPENNEY, KOHLS, etc to purchase bra’s but I specifically wanted assistance and customer service that your store is known to offer. Totally dissatisfied. I also did not like being told it’s because of hours changed due to COVID. We must move forward with life, we women still need to purchase undergarments.

Beth Marcis

11 months ago

One of the employees needs a better attitude when dealing with a customer who shops there frequently. She couldn't find the customers information and it was obvious the cashier didn't feel like dealing with the situation

Alyson Bryson

a year ago

Absolutely the most rude staff I have ever encountered. The worker would not even let me get out a question without rudely saying “I’ll just go get my manager” and walking off. The manager was not much nicer. I would never shop here again solely based on the poor customer service and attitude I was treated with.

Marlene Quirk

a year ago

I was in a hurry today . The person who helped was awesome. She went of of her to get lace tanks from the back since they are so new the hadn't put them on the rack great clothes also.

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