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The Southern Living Store -featuring Southern Living lifestyle products in fashion, food, home decoration, garden, and travel.

Presented tastefully in a “Celebrate the South” retail theme, our intent is to provide a relaxed, family-oriented shopping experience that allows the customer an opportunity to explore & savor the timeless traditions and rich heritage of the southern way-of-life.

We host entertaining food-tasting events, offer recipe tips, and of course – friendly, insightful “southern service” that encourages the customer to evolve and personalize traditions in the Modern South. It’s an engaging blend of inspiration, humor, and practicality.

Our FASHION allows the customer to express herself with easy elegance and an unmatched level of graceful sophistication & charm.

Her GARDEN is an extension of her image – she cares about the way her friends and neighbors see her home. We’ll offer insights and in-store examples of Southern Living’s trialed & tested Plant Collection.

TRAVEL brings her closer to her history, heritage, and the South she loves – and hopefully, time & again, back to us. Our selection of totes & bags will definitely get you on-the-road-again in style!

FOOD offerings include pre-packaged classic southern treats along with varieties of best-selling Southern Living cookbooks and much more.

Come see us, sit a spell or just have fun browsing the wonderful treasures of true southern living.

Southern Living StoreRecent Reviews

Phil Ward

2 months ago

Home decor with that southern flare. The home goods and decor store offering a line of fashion, food, home necessities, beach accessories, garden and travel. Fall is in the air, with seasonal items of ghosts and goblins and anything that goes bump in the night. Or just looking for that beach vibe, paintings, pillows and placemats are there to set the mood. Large, open store invites you to browse and enjoy that down home feel.

Michele Williams

a month ago

Charming shop full of all sorts of southern goodies. Fun to browse and a great place to pick up a little something to remember a Southern vacation.

Pragyan Paramita Pati

a month ago

Love the body products there. Melon flavored one. Ooooo wow

Monica Bray

a month ago

Great place to browse around at all the cute things.

Mitch H

8 months ago

This is probably my wife and her family's favorite store. Some stores that she goes in I'll just fiddle around with my phone, but this store has some fun stuff to look at and laugh at. Really nice decorations for the house. The employees have all been nice in my experiences with them.

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