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Charlie Roseberry

4 months ago

I went to this boutique today it was the second one I went to. I am 6feet tall and 200lbs so obviously I'm not fitting into a small. I walked in and was not greeted. Finally an employee had to walk past me to hang something up and acknowledge my existence at that point. I immediately asked her if they sold anything over a large. I was promptly and proudly told no. The employee immediately walked to the front door and opened it and gestured for me to leave. I am absolutely disgusted by this behavior and will recommend that no one shops here.

Darlene Todd

a month ago

My favorite store in town. New inventory every time I come in. And girls are always helpful.

Chelse Even

3 months ago

Disappointed that a southern boutique could lack an ounce of southern hospitality. According to other reviews, I guess I should consider myself lucky to have not wasted my money on such cheaply made and over priced clothing. If you're going to be pretentious, at least sell quality. To the replied comment: I did not insinuate you are pretentious, I clearly think you are.

Breanna Parker

7 months ago

Went in for the 1st time this past Friday night. (We came in around 7:18ish when they close at 8). The lady working was I believe Kristin. Kristina?. We walked in and was not greeted at all. After every rack I went through she came behind and fixed them like it was a problem I was looking at them. I am aware it is normal to fix racks after someone looked at them, but when you are doing it aggressively it feels like you're being a bother. A couple of other ladies came in after us and I could have sworn she mumbled "Jesus" under her breath. Around 7:21 she stated that if we had anything to try on we HAD to do so before 7:30 because they were closing 10 minutes early? At this point I am super annoyed because 1. I was not greeted 2. I felt like I was not welcomed at all 3. I am obviously being rushed. & 4. The music was cut off once I walked in. I loved this store because they carried every boutique brand I love, but I don't believe I want to come back considering the customer service was absolutely trash.

Anna Hughes

4 months ago

This place has the cutest clothes and so many options! The only problem is how to choose!

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