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An AVEDA lifestyle, full-service salon & spa. Color to cut, extensions,  relaxers, nails, waxing, facials, and massage. We will enhance your life with personal attention in a relaxing environment.

Dolce Lusso Salon & SpaRecent Reviews

Monica Bray

a week ago

This has been my salon since we moved here during the pandemic. I was comfortable going there because they had a lot of precautions in place. Tasha is great. Although it is pricey

Michael Schaefgen

a month ago

BUYER BEWARE! My girlfriend spent almost two weeks and 1400 dollars at this establishment just to find one) that her hair was in danger of having to be cut off by the condition they left it in. And 2) that the hairdresser she had been recommended was in fact new and not well trained. Which management knew and used my lady as a “training exercise”. Which is edifying to know that not only is this a school not a hair stylist. But also they don’t swoop in and help prevent a poor job from occurring. They take the professor snape approach and just let it blow up and keep all the money. BUYER BEWARE!

Gabriella Landaverde

a month ago

TERRIBLE SERVICE! I paid over $1600.00 for extensions and THEY LOOK TERRIBLE! They don’t match my hair nor is there even enough hair to actually look like mine! To make matters worse MELANIE tried cutting my real hair to try and hide her mistake but nothing worked! It wouldn’t blend bc there was way too little hair! They were trying to be cheap and didn’t get enough hair for me so now I’m stuck with extensions that DONT EVEN LOOK LIKE MY FN HAIR! I’m so mad! This process took over two weeks and I asked about 5 times to the hair dresser that I was assigned if she was sure that she had enough hair and she assured me all 5 times that it was more than enough.... NOT EEVEN CLOSE! At the end of my installation yesterday I told her that it clearly wasn’t enough hair and she needed to fix it somehow and of course she got an attitude and said that basically if I wasn’t happy then she would take them out (after I had already paid) or that i would have to pay another $500 TO FIX HER MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! I told the manager and she won’t fix it either! I feel like they just wanted to rip me off from the beginning but It’s okay though bc when I tell u..this won’t be the end of it! Honestly if they did the right thing and fixed their mistake I would have no problem but someone’s going to fix this, one way or another!

Rosanne Dates

10 months ago

This is the only salon I go to. Liviu is the best stylist and I've never been disappointed by any cut he's done. Thankfully, they've gone back to their normal playlist and the country music is no more.

Catherine Schmelz

3 weeks ago

Was going to dinner across the street and saw that it was open until 9 so went into dinner. When we came out at 7 it was closed

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