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Ashley Mccracken

2 weeks ago

This place is awesome. We were here on vacation and I had and infected tooth (antibiotics wasn't working) it hurt like hell. They worked me in 20min after my call. Numbed it. Numb didn't work cuz it was so infected. She poked it with numb meds as much as she was allowed. I wanted it out so she pulled it without it numb (my choice) she was sweet, caring, so was her staff.

Cody Bankos

2 months ago

Very professional, quick and easy. No complaints.

Monica Rodriguez

a year ago

My child was nervous going to the dentist for the first time. The decor of the dental office is child pleasing and he liked the nemo room and water floors. The staff is very patient with the kids. my child now likes going to Happy Teeth, he looks forward to the toys in the treasure box and stickers. Dr. Mendez is a great dentist, The way she talks to my child and works with him is exceptional.

k m

11 months ago

This place is horrible!! They are scammers too. They were supposed to get a pre approval for me regarding a periodontal procedure for my son. Weeks went by had to keep calling. Finally they say insurance will cover 1 tooth and the graft for the gum will be across 4 teeth . That’s about 4000. Well I had gone to a better periodontist with a better reputation who doesn’t take insurance and is only charging me 1300 total! Scammers. Stay away

Marci Viens

a year ago

My child had issues here bit going as an adult they do a good job