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Jodi Poston

8 months ago

I can't say enough about Dr. Katie and staff at Happy Teeth. I had been told by multiple dentists that there was no saving my natural teeth and I would have to resort to full dentures. I have been working with Dr. Katie for 8 months now, following her recommended treatment plan for me, that included some extensive work. But she has given me exactly what I asked for regardless how much work has been involved. So thank you Dr Katie and staff, so much for helping me when others said it couldn't be done. You guys are the best.

Kelley Ross

a year ago

I have been the happiest mother since my son started seeing this dentist office. Kelly is amazing with children. Ever child gets a token to use in the bubble gum machine for a prize ! This time was silly putty ! 😂

Mom of Three

8 months ago

I am so happy I found a new dentist office. I am a big chicken and really hate the dentist. I almost called to cancel my appointment but I am glad I didn't because everyone was so nice. The girls in the front office were very helpful with my insurance because I didn't know what I had. Kelly the girl who cleaned my teeth is so nice and made me feel calm even when I was really scared. The dentist Dr Katy told me everything was ok and that I didn't need to come back for 6 months! I'll be back! Oh, and they are really child friendly with a lot of penguins! Super cute!

Madison Lilly

a year ago

When you call them to leave a voicemail, it immediately hangs up after the Spanish part. If I can’t call to schedule an appointment, how do you get your business. Please reply because you guys are great at everything else. Edit: After a couple days of calling, they answered and even got me an appointment for today. Thank you guys.

Kristin Baker

8 months ago

What an awful experience!! Kelly the hygienist was terrible! She cleaned my teeth in less than 15 minutes, dug into my gumline, caused a ton of bleeding, and continued going even after I asked her to stop because she was causing so much pain! My teeth do not feel clean and she rushed the entire job. Then the dentist came in, didn't even acknowledge me or introduce herself to me before she started talking to her assistant about my xrays, looked in my mouth for less than 30 seconds, told me I had cavities but no more info on how many, where they were, and how bad. After spending two minutes with me told me to make an appointment for the fills. I'm also a physician and if I treated my patients like this I would be so ashamed and embarrassed. Do better Happy Teeth!