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Madison Lilly

2 months ago

When you call them to leave a voicemail, it immediately hangs up after the Spanish part. If I can’t call to schedule an appointment, how do you get your business. Please reply because you guys are great at everything else. Edit: After a couple days of calling, they answered and even got me an appointment for today. Thank you guys.

Kelley Ross

4 months ago

I have been the happiest mother since my son started seeing this dentist office. Kelly is amazing with children. Ever child gets a token to use in the bubble gum machine for a prize ! This time was silly putty ! 😂

Ashley Mccracken

6 months ago

This place is awesome. We were here on vacation and I had and infected tooth (antibiotics wasn't working) it hurt like hell. They worked me in 20min after my call. Numbed it. Numb didn't work cuz it was so infected. She poked it with numb meds as much as she was allowed. I wanted it out so she pulled it without it numb (my choice) she was sweet, caring, so was her staff.

Melissa Beach

4 months ago

I didn't get past the reception to make an appointment, she stated they weren't a pediatric dentist... funny 🤔

Cody Bankos

8 months ago

Very professional, quick and easy. No complaints.