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This veterinary day clinic provides full health care which includes exams, vaccinations, in-house lab testing, OTC prescription products such as heartworm preventative and flea/tick meds, radiographs (x-rays), lasers, and dental care which includes dental rads; as well as sick pet exams and normal surgeries such as spay, neuter and tumor-removal. A Televet app allows clients on file to email, Skype or video chat their questions which may save them a trip to the office. House calls may also be an option.

Meadowlawn Animal ServicesRecent Reviews

Ken Kassem

6 months ago

Great service! We needed help with preparing to a move far away and called Meadowlawn at Market Common for help with some of the tests. Gloria and Yvette did a ton of their own research, printed all the forms and guidebooks and took great care of our 3 cats. We could not have been more happy with our first visit to Meadowlawn. Thanks!

Ayla Caspino

3 weeks ago

My husband and I had to get our kitten set up with a vet per the adoption contract. She was around 10 weeks when we brought her in. I wasn't able to get into another office that day, so we came to Meadowlawn. The ladies at the front were quite nice. The lady that met us in the doctor's room was very friendly, too. After that the good qualities faded. An aged veterinarian and a shadowing veterinarian came in. We were treated as having no knowledge on cats. Repeatedly cut off when explaining the kitten's recent behavior. The shadowing vet was a little rough when the kitten didn't want to stay on the table. The veterinarian gave her a long acting antibiotic and a small dose of Metacam to be administered over the next few days with one dose at the clinic. After that we don't see either of the veterinarians again. Only the nice ladies. Nothing was discussed about costs or side effects. The cost for our visit was $66.24. For less than 10 actual minutes with a vet. After returning home, the kitten becomes listless. No energy, no spunk. She slips into a deep sleep that freaks us out a few times. We think about what's been happening on that day. Metacam is a black labeled product for cats. It's use is fought over by veterinarians around the world. In the areas where it is used they prescribe it for senile cats with arthritis and for postoperative pain. Neither my husband nor I are practiced in animal medicines, but you wouldn't give a human drugs without first telling them about it and the effects. They basically gave us a kitty narcotic for our 10 week old kitten telling us to call by Thursday if she's not feeling better, knowing the side effects would cause us concern. She would have been knocked out and we would have been freaked out everytime we gave her the Metacam! Some information from the licensed professional would have been helpful, but he chose to give us none.

Jim Turski

4 months ago

Awesome vet clinic. Dr Hardey is down to earth and very friendly with my dog. Prices are very reasonable and the staff is great. I would definitely recommend Meadowlawn.

Juicy O1

2 months ago

Very neat place with nice doctors and most of the staff the smell of the place is wonderfull looks very sanitary just got a small amount of dog hair/cat on the floor from there they helped me a lot with my pup and I would recommend

KaeAnn Rausch

a month ago

Super-friendly staff welcome and take great care of my three dogs! Highly reccommend!