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This veterinary day clinic provides full health care which includes exams, vaccinations, in-house lab testing, OTC prescription products such as heartworm preventative and flea/tick meds, radiographs (x-rays), lasers, and dental care which includes dental rads; as well as sick pet exams and normal surgeries such as spay, neuter and tumor-removal. A Televet app allows clients on file to email, Skype or video chat their questions which may save them a trip to the office. House calls may also be an option.

Meadowlawn Animal ServicesRecent Reviews

Jason Bruinooge

3 weeks ago

My wife and I had our 11 month old Husky Judge neutered yesterday. Dr Kate was absolutely amazing! Besides her vast knowledge as a veterinarian, she genuinely cared and loved for our boy. It was apparent in the way she spoke to us about Judge and his procedures that she loves what she does and all of the pets she cares for. Truly thankful for Dr Kate and the professional and loving manner that she portrays and the great staff that supports her as well 🙂❤🙂

Barry Thomas

5 months ago

Pebbles is 17 1/2 years old, she has a sister Roxy same litter, and they are the love of our family. Pebbles has been slowly pacing more and becoming less stable since our move to Market Common in July 2019. One eye started to close at the same time. We thought she was all ways in pain due to arthritis. The heart felt decision was it time to end her suffering! Vet Dr. Katie assuredly said that it was not time and she know what we where going through since she also had a elderly small dog. Pebbles had a eye surgery that allowed her to use that eye again. The life saver was she had a x-ray to show she was not suffering from any bone problem. It was Anxiety all this time that can be treated by Medication. Pebbles and our family Cathy, Bri and Barry have the Greatest Respect for Dr. Katie. Merry Christmas 2019 and Happy New Year 2020 to Meadowlawn Animal Hospital Market Common - CARING STAFF AND DR. KATIE

Esther Hallman

3 weeks ago

Very nice and knowledgeable. Helped my fur baby feel better. Thank you

james hallman

3 weeks ago

Very nice people. Took great care of our dog. Would highly recommend

chris gallagher

a week ago

They where great with my new baby girl Kristin came out to get her she was so friendly and loving to her