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This veterinary day clinic provides full health care which includes exams, vaccinations, in-house lab testing, OTC prescription products such as heartworm preventative and flea/tick meds, radiographs (x-rays), lasers, and dental care which includes dental rads; as well as sick pet exams and normal surgeries such as spay, neuter and tumor-removal. A Televet app allows clients on file to email, Skype or video chat their questions which may save them a trip to the office. House calls may also be an option.

Meadowlawn Animal ServicesRecent Reviews

Randy Fergie

a month ago

They are awesome. They helped me with putting my cat down when the time came and they took care of everything. They showed so much compassion and did not rush me. It was a very professional and private event that was done with love and dignity. I would highly recommend them. They also pulled a tooth for my puppy and kept him over night. He came back to me happy and well. His recovery time was very short. Very doctor and wonderful staff.

J Mac

3 months ago

Went in to have my dogs checked out. One of them, I knew, had an ear infection because I'd been through this before with my dog. Long story short, Dr. Hunt looked over her ears and told me they looked "beautiful." I wasn't satisfied, so I took her to another vet the following day and lo and behold they found yeast, which was the same type of infection she's had before. The other vet sent me home with medication and a treatment plan. So not only was my time wasted and gas, I had to spend double the money for the remedy, which wasn't cheap. Do yourself a favor, save yourself the headache and go to another vet that is more professional and diligent. They didn't even ask what I saw or where is saw it. I trusted they would have been thorough and they weren't. Typical pseudo-professionals with no business offering their services and are more interested in taking your money than ensuring their services are worth the cost.

Kim Palmer

4 weeks ago

I waited over an hour and still didn't get to see the vet. My dog does not handle heat well, when I told them that he was getting hot due to being outside for over an hour, their response was, "It's not hot outside." They use staffing issues as an excuse to make clients wait over an hour. I saw at least 5 staff members in the office. They know who is working when and should schedule accordingly. They do not go in order of appointment or arrival, evidenced by the clients who went in before me and arrived up to 15+ minutes after me. They were rude and I will never recommend them to anyone. If I could give negative stars I would.

Kelly Fentress (Kelly Renee)

a week ago

There is nowhere else I would take my dogs and cat! Dr Katie and her staff are THE BEST on the beach. To say they go above and beyond or that they treat my furries as their own is an understatement.

Monica Bray

3 months ago

When we moved here, our then dog Jessie needed a new vet. We went to Medowlawn. We liked it so stayed. Unfortunately, about six months later Jessie developed Leukemia. Dr. Hardy was very helpful throughout the process. She was terminal and although we tried.... she passed. Dr. Kate was there with us and she was so loving with Jessie she even had tears in her eyes as she helped Jessie go over the 🌈.

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