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Come to Trust Thy Barber for a classic barbershop experience – leave with an on-trend modern men’s haircut that you’ll love!

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Jonathan Nieman

a week ago

From out of town and booked Garrett for my fade. Incredibly attentive, personable, and professional. Back for my second time and will continue to come here for my haircuts. Highly recommended!

Mariah Trimble

a month ago

My boyfriend got a skin fade with a hard part from Garrett. Super impressed with his knowledge, he's very personable and made for a great experience. Trust Thy Barber is a modernized version of the traditional barber. Only bad thing about this place is that we don't have one near us in Virginia! Just might make the drive every month for a haircut! 😂

Maria McCullion

a week ago

Ok, let me be fair on this review. We went to get my husband beard trimmed and my 18month old a haircut. Which both of this services were preform on them before as this is our second visit to the shop. My son was not feeling the haircut the first time which is understandable he is not a fan of the electric machines. However Garret was able to get it done and we were very happy with the results that’s the reason we can back. Same goes for my husband very satisfied with the service. My problem came when in our last visit my son was a little more upset than the first time. Completely understandable he was not having a good day for a haircut BUT in my opinion refusing to do the haircut after it already started was not okay. But whatever it’s your shop and your rules. What I think it’s not a good quality service is to let my baby walk out of the shop with a halfway done haircut. He should at least try to even it out so they weren’t spots everywhere. I would of like for them to at least have made an attempt to cut the parts left half done. In the future I strongly suggest you tell your costumers that if your baby is really fuzzy we won’t perform the haircut but before it’s started that’s all. Overall the service was great, just not for little kids. I took my two older sons to get haircuts there too and they were great. Completely loved, just not with my little one. Lesson learned!

Matt Roberts

3 weeks ago

I moved to the area in the middle of a pandemic and struggled for almost a year trying to either cut my own hair and trim my beard or find a decent barber that I liked. I am stoked to have found Tommy and Trust Thy Barber. It was such a great experience and my wife said my beard has never looked this good. Thanks man, you've got a customer for as long as I live here.

Joseph Domelowicz

3 months ago

Had Garrett for a haircut, and he did a great job, we talked about how I liked it, and he cut it exactly right. A real good conversationalist also, enjoyed the experience, will return, shop and staff are Excellent. Easy parking also right across the street at Market Common..

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