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Come to Trust Thy Barber for a classic barbershop experience – leave with an on-trend modern men’s haircut that you’ll love!

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Andie Moraska

a week ago

Just AMAZING!!! Made an appointment for my husband since he never does anything nice for himself. Garrett did an fantastic job!!! I wish we were local cause this place was worth every penny.

John Eason

3 weeks ago

Normally I get good service. This time however I was rushed through and ended up with a really bad haircut and nearly nothing done to my beard which I suppose I should be thankful after what she did to my hair. I then reached out to them but they have not returned my call. I no longer trust this barber. Luckily I found someone later on that fixed it the best they could. One thing to do a bad cut for 35 dollars but it’s even worse when you are ignored. By the way, my first negative review. Would not have posted if they simply would have responded to my concerns

stephen spranzo

3 months ago

Cool shop inside a bigger shopping plaza. Gil was my barber and he was awesome. He taught me things about my hair that I didn't know and was very thorough with both my haircut and with timing my beard. If I were ever in the area again and needed a cut I would definitely ask for Gil!

Nick Jones

2 months ago

Excellence personified! Best barbershop experience in Myrtle Beach, I've had my haircut by 3-4 different barbers here and, someone extremely picky on who cuts my hair, everyone that I have let cut me up here has a done an excellent job! Gill def gets my stamp of approval!

Karen Pearce

4 months ago

My husband was looking like a cross between Sasquatch and a Chia Pet, so I booked him an appointment at Trust Thy Barber. His hair is naturally curly and not easy to cut/ style. Gil took great care of him and has him looking fine again! The online booking option is awesome! Next time I’m booking him for a shave, too! Highly recommend!

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