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The essence and energy of YOGA in COMMON is that of community. Our vision is to create a space where yoga students feel drawn to practice regularly and to be together. Our vision is to create a space where those who are completely new to yoga feel safe to begin their journey, a place where they can be supported through solid instruction from teachers who are dedicated to their own practice of yoga. Our vision is to create a space where folks of all ages, agility, and experience gather to practice and to learn more and more about their boundless potential.

Yoga In CommonRecent Reviews

Nakaylee Didder

2 weeks ago

I enjoyed shopping in this store. The lady in front was very nice and help me find the perfect size for the ring I bought. Most of the jewelry are hand made. I felt relaxed and highly vibrational while shopping in this store.

Ashley Brown

4 weeks ago

So, this studio is MAGICAL. I live in Los Angeles, CA and frequent Myrtle Beach to visit my mother. Well, that's what I tell my mother. Truth be told, I visit MB to get time in this studio! From the abundance of daily classes to the diversity of the classes, Yoga in Common has become one of my favorite studios in the country! Yogis in Los Angeles are no joke when it comes to health and wellness but the instructors at Yoga in Common are some of the BEST I have ever practiced with! Some of my favorite instructors include Danielle Guido, Ged Duvall, Sherry Peckham and Laurie Spector! The Yogis are truly special and I always leave their classes feeling invigorated (and a 'little' sweaty!) :-) Can't wait to go visit 'mom' again! ;-)

Dane Prayer

5 months ago

Wonderful variety of classes and teachers for all skill levels of practice! Zen studio space and great location. Check them all out to find you best fit! Thank y’all!

Nicolette Cromer

7 months ago

Amazing teachers! Linda (the owner) is the absolute sweetest! Good variety of skill level classes for everyone. & beach yoga rocks!

Bomi Kang

a year ago

We are blessed to have this beautiful yoga studio in Market Common. The owner has the most beautiful soul. The instructors are great. They offer so many classes and events throughout the day. I saw the previous negative review by Robert Ashby and had to leave my review. As a resident in Market Common, I've been going to this studio for 10 years and can tell immediately everything he said is completely a made up story. Give it a try to this yoga studio if you are in the area. You will not be disappointed.