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The essence and energy of YOGA in COMMON is that of community. Our vision is to create a space where yoga students feel drawn to practice regularly and to be together. Our vision is to create a space where those who are completely new to yoga feel safe to begin their journey, a place where they can be supported through solid instruction from teachers who are dedicated to their own practice of yoga. Our vision is to create a space where folks of all ages, agility, and experience gather to practice and to learn more and more about their boundless potential.

Yoga In CommonRecent Reviews

Rita Crandall

2 years ago

Yoga in Common is my favorite place in Myrtle Beach. No matter what type of day I’ve been having, I step through door and soothing scents plus crafts and artwork of local artisans surround me. I feel my entire body relax. Either Linda, the owner, or staff greet me by name. I feel welcomed! There are two well-equipped studios with bamboo floors and lots of props. The yoga instructors are very well trained and carefully observe each student seeing how your body can realistically move-and give you opportunities to push yourself in a healthy, constructive way. They are approachable, open to questions and have a wonderful spirit in each class to help all participants gain the most out each practice. Yoga In Common offers a wide variety of classes and styles for all levels. I highly recommend Yoga in Common–whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years. Rita C.

D Perry

a year ago

Been going here for awhile. The owner creates a true feeling of compassion and peace. A beautiful community of like minded people here. All ages and all levels. A gem of Myrtle Beach

Jen Rose

a year ago

Love this place! Such a cool vibe and teachers are great!

Whitney Vernon

a year ago

yoga in common is amazing. everyone there is so welcoming and I feel my well being is so much better everytime I go to class. I go everyday it is my second home.

Myrtle Beach Business Owner 11 years

a year ago

No one's asked me to do this, I'm exhausted but had to say something. Who ever this butt head is, Robert Ashby. This is totally off base. I started going to this studio on a regular basis three months ago and find it to be a sanctuary from the rate race, yes, Myrtle Beach has become that. The owner couldn't be a more gentle soul and whatever this butt head (not very Zen I know, I’m a work in progress) said he witnessed, I can't imagine happening. I'd say it didn't happen. McDonalds of yoga studios, lol. Go choke on chicken nugget. Ok, I'm sorry for getting down in the dirt with this. Clearly this reviewer must be angry at the world. As they say, keep coming. I love this place, I love the smell walking in as it makes you feel at ease immediately. It’s like walking into a luxury spa. Yes, take me away, Bali in my mind. Staff is super friendly and make you feel wanted, appreciate, accepted, unconditionally. I love that this place exists and an option to spend quality time, a place of retreat with like minded people. And honestly, for a two month membership, unlimited access for the price of a massage. Please, Thank you for being here, Yoga in Common. Thank you, It's a beautiful space, visually and in all other attributes. And the butt head can take his negative energy and (...) Whatever. Who writes reviews like that, Please. Your mother must have dropped you on your head as a child, or maybe didn't give you enough attention. If you don't have something kind to say, don’t say anything. Your comments were not constructive, only shows that you’re a very angry person. Lol, fast food will do that to you, Peace, Yoga in Common did and does not deserve that vile review. And I swear on my cats life, this is 100% unsolicited. You can tell by the tone anyway. I was just enflamed being a business owner myself and knowing how reviews directly affect a business. This was just so wrong on so many levels, and not deserved.