The Market Common

Barnes and Noble


Barnes & Noble is everything you could ask for in a bookstore! Items include bestsellers, magazines, board games, children’s activities, music, and much, much more! And, let’s not forget that all-important coffee fix, STARBUCKS!

Barnes and NobleRecent Reviews

Heather Martinez

2 weeks ago

I absolutely LOVE hanging out here...and I have for years. The staff is great and the atmosphere is ALWAYS pleasant. It's the perfect meeting spot as well as neat for studying and of course browsing for you guys and old alike. Additionally, it's centrally located in the Market Commons for strolling before or afterwards.

Mark Raphael

in the last week

B&N in Market Commons is a great getaway for a couple hours on Sundays. Coffee,magazines and desserts. Nice variety of people. Courteous staff.

Mike Marceda

a month ago

A great place to casually browse the many books. Comfortable seating throughout the store. Nice cafe. The bathrooms can be dirty at times.

Christopher Wait

2 months ago

Great selection, staff is attentive, my complaint is about the Cafe. I don't think I've ever gone in there and waited less than 15 minutes for a coffee. They are consistently understaffed, which falls on management, but I do frequently see staff standing around when they could be helping. Needs to be better guys and gals! There is also a dude there who looks like Einstein and yells all the time. Stop harshing my mellow.


a week ago

Overall a nice spot to go while you wait for your movie. And the book selection is getting slimmer and slimmer as the years go by though. The starbucks is a nice addition to the business.