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Barnes & Noble is everything you could ask for in a bookstore! Items include bestsellers, magazines, board games, children’s activities, music, and much, much more! And, let’s not forget that all-important coffee fix, STARBUCKS!

Barnes and NobleRecent Reviews

Christopher Wait

a week ago

Great selection, staff is attentive, my complaint is about the Cafe. I don't think I've ever gone in there and waited less than 15 minutes for a coffee. They are consistently understaffed, which falls on management, but I do frequently see staff standing around when they could be helping. Needs to be better guys and gals! There is also a dude there who looks like Einstein and yells all the time. Stop harshing my mellow.

Steven Oria

2 months ago

Yesterday my wife and I went to Barnes and Noble to purchase a gift for our friends 1 year old. The children's section here is much better than books a million. There are so many new stories and old favorites for parents to choose from. All sections are labeled clearly and everything was easy to find. They do ask too many questions at the front counter though.


a month ago

Sad. Yet another bookstore that sees nothing wrong with having 2-3 rows entirely dedicated to bibles, and christian living, but, apparently, only has room for a single, way too small, shelf for literally every religion. Honestly most sections left room for want, the science section was actually positioned next to the toilet! Really shows you the priorities, I'd say... it really was a pity. Will definitely continue looking for a decent book store, or perhaps just stick with purchasing from online stores. 10/10 wouldn't waste time coming back!

Ivan i Isa M.

a month ago

The Barnes and Noble at Market Commons is a Really Nice Shoppe. If I Miss My WSJ Delivery, I can Easily Purchase One There. Also, the Starbucks☕☕ inside is a Nice Place to Have a Cafe' and Work on Your Laptop, Tablet, Phone etc. So Quiet and Relaxed.

Phil Grimes

3 months ago

Always a nice place. Great selection. Nice that they have expanded the book selection by removing the CD area. Great Starbucks to sit and enjoy time with friends. Very nice staff