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Southern Living Store


The Southern Living Store -featuring Southern Living lifestyle products in fashion, food, home decoration, garden, and travel.

Presented tastefully in a “Celebrate the South” retail theme, our intent is to provide a relaxed, family-oriented shopping experience that allows the customer an opportunity to explore & savor the timeless traditions and rich heritage of the southern way-of-life.

We host entertaining food-tasting events, offer recipe tips, and of course – friendly, insightful “southern service” that encourages the customer to evolve and personalize traditions in the Modern South. It’s an engaging blend of inspiration, humor, and practicality.

Our FASHION allows the customer to express herself with easy elegance and an unmatched level of graceful sophistication & charm.

Her GARDEN is an extension of her image – she cares about the way her friends and neighbors see her home. We’ll offer insights and in-store examples of Southern Living’s trialed & tested Plant Collection.

TRAVEL brings her closer to her history, heritage, and the South she loves – and hopefully, time & again, back to us. Our selection of totes & bags will definitely get you on-the-road-again in style!

FOOD offerings include pre-packaged classic southern treats along with varieties of best-selling Southern Living cookbooks and much more.

Come see us, sit a spell or just have fun browsing the wonderful treasures of true southern living.


Southern Living StoreRecent Reviews

Debbie Vandyke

a month ago

Just went to this store and I found a shirt I loved. But I saw a pick in it so I asked the sales clerk if they were discounted any and she said that they would discount at 10% which came up to be $3.90 off. She told me that the pit could be poured back through with no problem so I ask her if she would do that and I would come back to the store and purchase it. Before we left the shopping center I called to see if she was able to fix it and she told me that she just cut the pick. Which means now there is a hole in the shirt. Now the shirt is worthless to me and her where do they get these people to work in the stores

Carol Mcenearney

a month ago

This was my first time visiting the store and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The owner was nice enough to give me %50 off some of my items. I'll be sure to visit his store in Destin FL.

Mike Copeland

in the last week

Ok, I say need a little up date on customer service, other than that has several nice shoes. Back to service just seem to act like hurry up and get out. Have other here.

Dennis Liu

3 months ago

Cute home decor store geared toward the Southern Style Living and shore life. They carry small to larger tchotchkes for the wall and shelf. It is a fun store to walk around and look at while in the Market Commons area. Easy to spend money here due the nice variety of quality items. This is a chain, so you can find them in larger commerical shopping areas. Worth a stroll through!

Rex Furball

6 months ago

The store is very nice and has reasonable priced offerings. But their delivery service is just horrible. The delivered a table to the end of the driveway in a crate and just left it. I had to go out and hire some help to move the table inside and dispose of the crate. If I had known this I would have not bought the table. If you buy something make sure you take it home yourself.