Q: What’s the difference between The Market Common/Market Common and the Market Common District?
A: The Market Common refers to the shopping and lifestyle center, which is a privately-owned business. The Market Common is located between Farrow Parkway and Johnson Avenue and Hackler Street to Phillis Boulevard. Business that are officially located in The Market Common are listed on this website. The Market Common offers annual leases for the apartments located above the retail center only.

Additionally, SoHo Shoppes at The Market Common are separate from us and are all individually owned and managed. These are in the townhomes or live/work businesses just south of Howard Avenue. Many other shops, restaurants, other businesses, as well as single family houses, townhomes and apartments outside the center are part of the Market Common District. The Market Common and much of the Market Common District are located in the area that was previously the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. Learn more about The Market Common history here.

Q: Do you have any ATMs?
A: We have four (4) ATMs located in The Market Common at Santee Cooper Credit Union; Nacho Hippo; King Street Grille; and Grand 14 Cinema.

Q: Do you have wheelchairs for rent?
A: Complimentary wheelchair loan is available from our Management Office at 4017 Deville Street on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. After hours or on weekends, you may call our Property Ambassador at 843-602-4181 for assistance.

Q: How can I learn about events hosted by The Market Common?

A: Visit our events page at marketcommonmb.com/events for the most up-to-date details on events in The Market Common. All our events are FREE, unless otherwise specified on the event page.

Q: How can I be considered as a vendor for events hosted by The Market Common?
The Market Common shopping and lifestyle center events are posted at marketcommonmb.com/events. If you are interested in being an event vendor, please complete this Event Vendor Interest Form. [Please note that submission of the Event Vendor Interest Form does not imply acceptance. If your business is considered a good fit and an opportunity becomes available, we will contact you.]

A2: If the event is not on our website and/or we are not hosting the event, kindly contact the event organizer or reach out to the City of Myrtle Beach Special Events Department for more information.

Q: How can I rent the park(s)?

A: The parks and facilities are owned and operated by the City of Myrtle Beach.  Click on the name of these locations for more information.  If you would like to book public events in any of Myrtle Beach’s parks, call 843-918-2338.  For private event bookings, like weddings or family reunions, call Rhonda Edge at 843-918-2332.

Q: Who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalks, Valor Park, memorial plaques, flags, etc. in and around The Market Common?

A: The streets, sidewalks, parking decks, and surrounding parks are all owned and maintained by the City of Myrtle Beach. Organizations who rent the parks or other city property are responsible for their own setup, breakdown and cleanup of any rented areas.


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