Raising the Candy Bar at The Uncommon Chocolatier

If life is like a box of chocolates, I’ll take one of everything, on any given day, at The Uncommon Chocolatier. New to the neighborhood in the new year, this cute little shop packs a big punch in every bite.

Owner Christine Falvo, however, isn’t new to the chocolate business. With 26 years’ experience, Falvo has had her hands in this sweet business for nearly three decades. The wholesale supplier, with a factory based in Pittsburgh, Pa., sells chocolate products to stores, fairs and festivals across the country and decided on The Market Common as their first retail store location.

“We started with a pop-up over Christmas and decided to actually open the store front in January,” says Falvo.

“We” includes Falvo’s mom, Theresa, and daughter, Ellie, who also work at The Uncommon Chocolatier, along with manager Brittany Lee. They all pour a lot of love, cream, butter, sugar and chocolate into all of their products – no premade mixes. And then there’s the mix-ins, which certainly adds up to their namesake of Uncommon.

The shop hand pours over 100 loaves of fudge, for delicious flavors like Irish Car Bomb, Birthday Cake, Dark Espresso, German Chocolate Cake, Galaxy, Aqua Man, Mint Chocolate, Banana Foster, Cotton Candy, Chocolate Strawberry and many more. But their sweet treats don’t stop there: choose from to-die-for toffee, bourbon caramels, smash chocolates, Easter bunny molds, white oreos, filled chocolates, chocolate-covered almonds, fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate and much more.

With their focus on fully customized and creative, the sky’s the limit. They even offer gluten-free and vegan-friendly chocolate options. And, the cherry on top of that: they’re community-minded, offering a special discount for locals and a future goal to start a VIP chocolate tasting club.

To learn more about The Uncommon Chocolatier, located at 3351 Reed Street, visit them on Facebook or call 843-945-4479.

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