EdVenture Passes in Fun with Flying Colors!

EdVenture Myrtle Beach has taken flight here at The Market Common as of Feb. 15, and on the morning of Presidents’ Day, my 3-year-old son and I prepared for takeoff to explore every 3,500-plus square feet!

The reincarnated children’s museum is a smaller version of its former life off 21st Avenue North and Oak Street, but packed with plenty of interactive, educational exhibits to feed the curious minds of preschoolers and young children. And, because of its location here on the former Air Force base, EdVenture is themed around the fields of aviation and astronomy.

In fact, the first thing my son raced over to was the space ship “tree house” that you climb up and aboard. Once inside, he can click on keyboards, flip switches and lights and feel like he’s in a real moon lander. The STEM concepts extend out onto the floor, with mission control and command centers, complete with a camera and monitor that connects to the moon lander. Each button and lever that turned on a light or made a sound was like Christmas morning for my preschooler. You can even put your hands through gloves at the mission control center to grab a pile of “moon rocks.”

And there’s so much more to soak up here at EdVenture, including a wall of airway tubes that sucks up each fluffy ball you drop through the maze of tubes; a high-tech, three-screen flight simulator to put your pilot skills to the test (it even vibrates to give you the true sensation of liftoff); a floor projection game to stomp and jump on; a cool coin vortex gravity well close to the entrance and gift shop; a padded play area designated for toddler visitors, equipped with flight-themed toys and costumes; and a MakerWorks art and craft area lined with bins of supplies, tables and chairs.

When your little one runs out of energy, take a seat in the children’s play house that loops the first moon landing on a 1960s-style TV inside or on one of the comfy chairs in the small library area appropriately stocked with books on space exploration. And, parents, you’ll also appreciate the educational opportunities for yourself as well, with EdVenture’s wall murals that take you through the historical timeline of the Myrtle Beach International Airport and the former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base.

My takeaway from our takeoff? EdVenture is a great rainy day option for indoor play and a way to avoid mindless arcades – and we all know we’re looking for treasures like this.

EdVenture Myrtle Beach, located at 3061 Howard Ave., is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday, noon to 6 p.m. General admission is $8 (children 2 and under are free). For more information about membership, birthdays and rentals, visit www.edventure.org/myrtle-beach/.

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